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Dealing with food allergies, chronic pain

Food allergies can represent a complicated area of diagnosis and treatment for internists. ... Charlotte Huff looks at recent guidelines on the subject from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and talks to experts about how
May 2011

Is gluten-free just a fad?

various forms of intolerance and true allergy to gluten. ... This is false; gluten is not "bad" for those tolerant of it, any more than peanuts are "bad" for people free of peanut allergy.
September 2020

What I learned from asthma

What I learned from asthma. As a kid I had allergies and asthma. ... My allergies led to frequent nosebleeds, which got me sent to the nurse's office in school.
September 2020

New grass allergy treatment, opioid overdose solution

This update covers approval of an allergen extract to treat allergic rhinitis induced by grass pollen and of a handheld injector of naloxone for emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose.
June 2014

When wheat is to blame

Wheat can causes health problems in two main ways--food allergies and genetically-based celiac disease. ... While clinical symptoms of food allergy are fairly prevalent in the pediatric population, most kids tend to outgrow their allergies between ages 3
September 2020

Allergist offers answers for internists' practice encounters

There's 20% of the population of the United States that has allergies,” said Dr. ... Exercise-induced anaphylaxis is associated with food allergy, especially to wheat, in 30% of cases, Dr.
June 2010

Gluten not a bread-and-butter diagnosis

An allergy to wheat should be suspected if the patient already has other food allergies and reports gluten intolerance, said Ciaran Kelly, MD, medical director for the Celiac Center at Beth ... With bloodwork or a skin test, a wheat allergy can be ruled
September 2014

MKSAP Quiz: 3-week history of ‘stuffiness'

He has no other symptoms and otherwise feels well except for mild nasal congestion that he attributes to seasonal allergies.
July 2016

Warning about different doses for 2 forms of posaconazole

The device should not be used on infected wounds or in patients with allergies to bovine collagen or chondroitin. ... The system should not be implanted in patients with titanium allergies, and the sizing and introducer tools should not be used in those
March 2016

Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 goes to Washington

volunteer. Learn how a patient's “story” can add crucial information to the puzzle of allergy and asthma diagnoses, while an expert offers 4 steps for managing osteoarthritis pain in the
July 2016

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