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Officer and Regents election results announced

The election of Officers and Regents has been completed. Terms become effective at the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting and Town Hall at Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 in Philadelphia.
1 Mar 2019

Integrative medicine makes gains in back pain

An ACP clinical practice guideline officially recommended noninvasive and nonpharmacologic treatments for patients with acute low back pain who are not at risk for serious underlying conditions.
1 Oct 2017

AHA releases scientific statement on acute MI in women

Differences in clinical presentation affect the timely identification, testing, and management of ischemic symptoms, leading to misdiagnosis, delayed revascularization, and higher acute myocardial infarction mortality rates.
2 Feb 2016

Nonpharmacologic treatment first for low-back pain, ACP guideline recommends

Given that most patients with low back pain improve over time regardless of treatment, clinicians and patients should select nonpharmacologic options such as superficial heat, massage, acupuncture, or spinal manipulation, the guideline states.
14 Feb 2017

‘New narrative’ for back pain means managing modalities

New modalities to treat low back pain can include alternative treatments like mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, mindful stress reduction, tai chi, yoga, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
1 May 2018

Guideline updates treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

The guideline included a strong recommendation against the use of warfarin, among other medications.
21 Jul 2015

Improving rural health takes effort, energy

The need for improvements in the prevention of obesity and diabetes rates in poor and underserved communities has driven new outreach programs that range from smoking cessation in high school to dietary support in grocery stores.
1 Sep 2015

Guidelines recommend tailored primary care follow-up after colorectal cancer treatment

Patients should receive a history and physical every 3 to 6 months in the first 2 years, and every 6 months in years 3 through 5, among other recommendations.
15 Sep 2015

Wearable tech shows promise in clinical care

Smart watches and fitness trackers could offer a remote connection to patients, as well as a way of tracking their progress on meeting health goals. But their application depends on the patient and the physician.
1 Nov 2015

MKSAP Quiz: persistent right-sided facial weakness

A 53-year-old man is evaluated for persistent right-sided facial weakness. Three months ago, he first noticed “droopiness” of the right side of his lower face, difficulty closing the right eye and wrinkling the forehead, increased sensitivity to loud noises, and occasional slurred speech. Bell palsy was diagnosed, and he began a 10-day course of prednisone. He has noted only limited improvement, with continued facial drooping and mildly dysarthric speech; he now uses an eye patch over his right eye at night. Following a physical exam, what is the most appropriate next step in management?
15 Dec 2015

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