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Study finds mobile text message reminders may help reduce LDL cholesterol, heart disease risk factors

At 6 months, levels of LDL cholesterol (the primary end point) were modestly but significantly lower in intervention participants. The intervention group also saw reductions in systolic blood pressure and body mass index.
29 Sep 2015

Abdominal wall pain as its own diagnosis

Internists can diagnose chronic abdominal wall pain with a simple physical exam and some savvy history taking, experts said, and reassure patients that their condition is not serious and may respond to treatment.
1 Sep 2017

MKSAP Quiz: fatigue and decreased exercise capacity

This week's quiz asks readers to evaluate fatigue and decreased exercise capacity in a 72-year-old woman.
20 Sep 2011

Emphasize exercise for CAD testing, disease prevention

Exercise capacity is the single most power predictor of cardiovascular events, whether or not symptoms are present.
1 Jun 2014

Post-hip fracture function improved with home exercise program

An at-home exercise program modestly improved function and mobility in hip fracture patients, a recent study found.
25 Feb 2014

Claims coding edits target improper payments, errors

Knowing the ins and outs of claims coding edits speeds reimbursement, but they are tricky even for experienced office staffers. Learn how to do them properly, and what resources exist to help.
1 Sep 2010

Exercise may be as effective as drugs for some mortality outcomes, study finds

Exercise may be as effective as drug therapy in providing mortality benefits for certain conditions, according to a new study.
8 Oct 2013

Mind-body role may matter in heart disease

Research is increasingly indicating a relationship, if not a causal link, between depression and anxiety and heart disease.
1 Oct 2015

MKSAP Quiz: Managing COPD

PSA screening halves cancer mortality
13 Jul 2010

Patient-clinician intervention associated with modest improvement in knee osteoarthritis

The patient intervention was telephone-based, while clinicians received patient-specific recommendations on osteoarthritis treatment via the electronic medical record.
22 Dec 2015

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