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Simply difficult

But in a way, I do know, as backstories are not limited to the patient side of the equation. ... Does it hurt my patients to have me bring my own pain into the patient encounter?
January 2022

Barriers to caring

Let's call the interpreter and then go see another patient until they are ready for us.”. ... Every single time I call and wait for an interpreter to come, it honors my patient.
January 2022

Internists taking primary care to the streets

Using the emergency department for non-emergent care is really the best scenario for much of this patient population, noted Dr. ... A patient's limited access to food can also interact with prescribed treatments in devastating ways.
March 2008

Personal tech

Records are not for patient care or communication, they are the goods doctors give to the payors in exchange for money. ... My main communication tool, Twistle, allows me to communicate quickly and securely with my patients.
January 2022


This post by ACP Member Kevin Pho, MD, originally appeared on MedPage Today's . It's time to ask patients whether they text a...
January 2022

Love is the what

More while I could have it. More because my patient was preparing to leave. ... Because it was true. My patient passed away yesterday. Only a few hours after that encounter.
January 2022

When visits become ‘on the record’

Seifi. “So the patient should be careful to keep their own information private,” he said. ... Promoting consultation recording practice in oncology: identification of critical implementation factors and determination of patient benefit.
April 2018

Medical conspiracism

Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical practice and to improve the patient experience.
January 2022

Overcoming shame

This, of course, brings me back to the idea of patient-centered care. ... How do we address issues, such as weight, smoking, and non-compliance in a way that is patient-centered?
January 2022

Dr. Insurance Broker

Not longer than an hour later I was seeing a 67-year-old patient in the clinic who asked me: "I just got my Medicare (Part A) card and must decide ... view on health care reform, science, research and patient care.
January 2022

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