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Promoting literacy to increase adherence

Powers' instinct. Yes, the patient acknowledged, his wife did assist him with looking at medical information. ... Peterson said. One assessment tool, for example, took her 20 minutes to complete with a patient.
July 2011

Dr. Nobody

I found the room and went in, greeted with a big smile from my patient and her husband. ... They don’t know my patient, and will soon forget about her when she leaves.
May 2022

Internists taking primary care to the streets

Using the emergency department for non-emergent care is really the best scenario for much of this patient population, noted Dr. ... A patient's limited access to food can also interact with prescribed treatments in devastating ways.
March 2008

Learning to parry patient requests

With better communication techniques, doctors can chart a middle path, one that addresses patient needs and optimal medical practice, said Dr. ... If the patient asks for an antidepressant, the physician might say, according to Dr.
March 2011

What is quality?

According to me:. [T]he ability to bring more than one style of communication to bear in meeting the needs of a varied patient base. ... That’s simple (not the same as easy): time. Taking the time to listen, get to know what kind of communication the
May 2022


So there you had it. This is why my patient had lost more than 40 pounds in 3 years without trying.
May 2022

Still caring

Still caring. I got a call from a patient who had a family member sick and in the ICU. ... I went to the room where my patient was with her family member, and got a run-down of his current status.
May 2022

The danger of assuming

For example, when a patient claims diarrhea, we should not start ordering tests without further characterizing the symptoms. ... While it takes precious time, we have a responsibility to understand what is bothering the patient.
May 2022

Barriers to caring

Let's call the interpreter and then go see another patient until they are ready for us.”. ... Every single time I call and wait for an interpreter to come, it honors my patient.
May 2022

Help me understand how you react to uncertainty

How do you as a patient, family member, or caregiver seek the best care in such a situation, where things are uncertain and more tests/procedures might not work? ... His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic
May 2022

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