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The big picture

Many hard things. Yes, I agree with that assessment. She's been my patient for more than a decade, and I've had a front row seat to her life.
January 2022

Get (TF) out

I used my softest voice. Tender and earnest. Made sure my body movements were slow, gentle and nonthreatening. You'd been through so much al...
January 2022

Do stuff

*details changed to protect anonymity (as always) “Live while you got all your rhythm in your hips still, okay?” —Mrs. Sanders If you looked...
January 2022

Shot callers

But that? That calls for a shot-caller. A person who not only knows and loves the patient well enough to know their wishes. ... But especially who's also willing to step in as an advocate to assure the patient the gets the treatment they'd want.
January 2022

Gone to Carolina

“Can't you see the sunshine? Can't you just feel the moonshine? Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit you from behind? Yes, I'm gone to...
January 2022

Patients find medical home in Pennsylvania

Standard 1: Access and Communication Points (9). A. Has written standards for patient access and patient communication 4. ... B. Uses data to show it meets its standards for patient access and communication 5.
April 2009

Health numeracy

There is a growing awareness of the importance of health literacy, the extent to which patients and their families are able to understand wo...
January 2022

Care, primarily

Primary care is about relationship, about doctor knowing patient and patient knowing doctor. ... But I do think the pressure to become an E/M coding machine, for focusing on the business over the patient, is getting progressively stronger.
January 2022

On binge drinkers

So as a reminder to myself, always ask the patient why they restarted drinking or why they have accelerated their drinking.
January 2022

Rose-colored heart

My patient took off her glasses and said, “I can't keep looking through these rose-colored glasses.
January 2022

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