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‘Mastering Medicine Together’ at ACP's annual meeting

A new virtual reality experience aims to influence clinicians' attitudes and practices toward social determinants of health. ... Disbrow, adding that the project aims to demonstrate the potential for virtual reality to promote equity training in health
March 2020

Transitioning from health care to a broader domain of services

This movement equates to increased focus on public health and social determinants of health. ... However, the effort is laudable, and other types of health organizations appear to be catching on as well.
September 2014

Breaking the cycle of patient trauma

parent, may be the most important social determinant of adult health and well-being, said Dr. ... Machtinger noted. “As a result, despite really wanting to address social determinants of health and well-being, most internists are not familiar with how
February 2019

Four types of food vouchers, same dietary outcomes

Q: What prompted you to do this study? A: It seemed like a number of health care organizations are trying to address social determinants of health and integrate some of these ... A: The main implication is to perhaps move on towards a broader set of
September 2019

The importance of ‘the caring’

stresses of family, job, income, and various social determinants of health such as housing security, food and nutrition access, and neighborhood safety. ... These determinants have a major impact on our patients' health (see ACP's policy paper published
June 2019

Making a difference in internists' daily work, patients' health

Research also suggests that investments in interventions to address social determinants of health, such as housing, income support, and care coordination, yield positive outcomes.”. ... ACP also recommends that social determinants of health and the
June 2018

Transportation doesn't fix all no-show woes

Miles said. Community health workers from the team help assess several social determinants of health, including transportation. ... In the first four months, about 60% of rides were provided in the urban subset, said Eileen Evert, Geisinger's senior
November 2018

Merger memories and abiding realities

with their children. As a result of this policy, parents are detained and their children are taken into custody by the Department of Health and Human Services. ... Our “patients first” advocacy can also be seen in our new policy papers on social
July 2018

Caring for ex-prisoners presents management challenges

LCSW, senior director of reentry and continuity services for Correctional Health Services in New York City. ... Keep in mind the social determinants of health. Many recently released prisoners are poor and may be homeless, said Alison Jordan, LCSW,
September 2017

Should American health care be tweaked, or overhauled?

delivery systems to support what's best for patients rather than the system (that is, everyone but the patient), understanding and addressing social determinants of health, ending discrimination and disparities in ... ACP will soon release its New Vision
January 2020

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