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Health is more than health care

And our Tulsa public transportation options barely ease this burden. Nutrition and exercise are the two health determinants over which we have the most direct individual control. ... At the University of Oklahoma-University of Tulsa School of Community
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--AAMC says doctors need social sciences in med school

Behaviors and the social determinants of health such as smoking, diet, exercise, and socioeconomic status account for more than 50% of premature disease and death in the nation, according to the ... prepare future physicians to address complex social
April 2020

Keeping up with cannabis

This issue also covers psoriatic arthritis, staffing for primary care, and social determinants of health. ... Patient partnership and the social determinants of health were the focus of two recent position papers from ACP, looking at working with
April 2019

A living wage and paid sick leave are infection control issues

She's 84.”. Much attention has been paid to social determinants of health and how social and economics factors are associated with poor individual and community health. ... What is clear from this discussion group is that social determinants of health
April 2020

Understanding heart failure in African Americans

that may explain how social determinants of health connect to cardiovascular disease. ... There is a link between crime, segregation, poverty—all the things that constitute adverse social determinants of health—which may predispose to cardiovascular
November 2019

Letter to the editor: politics and patient care

In addition, the College needs to be a voice on public health issues by outlining the health effects of global climate change, protecting patients against gun violence, identifying the social determinants ... of health, and protecting and caring for our
June 2017

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

The additional set of ACP policy papers addresses issues related to coverage and cost of care, health care payment and delivery systems, and barriers to care and social determinants of health, ... While ACP's Mission “to enhance the quality and
February 2020

Doctors with borders

A recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, November 2015, categorizes 27 social determinants of health into six categories—1) economic stability; 2) neighborhood and physical environment; 3) education; 4) food; ... be progress made in the
March 2018

Four days in May

Here's a rundown. ACP's Health and Public Policy Committee met to develop policy recommendations to the College's Board of Regents on social determinants of health, barriers to ... It also showed why such advocacy is especially important today, when
July 2017

GME needs serious financial and structural reform

Paradoxically, the Department of Health and Human Services predicts a shortage of 20,400 primary care physicians and 28,000 to 63,000 non-primary care physicians by year 2025. ... They need exposure to disparities in health care delivery and social
September 2016

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