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ACP's new EVP/CEO talks burnout prevention, future focus

Darilyn Moyer, MD, FACP, is known for her work as a physician educator. ... Q: How will you address physician burnout, one of your areas of interest?
September 2016

Unintended consequences of progress--safety, burnout and health care reform

Burnout occurs when the job becomes overwhelming. These many interventions lead to burnout. ... Physician burnout impacts every aspect of patient care. We need common sense, not more laws.
May 2020

8 ways that members can guide College activities

4. Achieve results that reduce physician burnout, help restore the joy of practice, and reinvigorate the patient-physician relationship.
March 2017

Readers weigh in on ACP's meaning, ‘nonspecific’ back pain

Readers respond to coverage about fighting physician burnout and nonspecific back pain. ... a physician from Canada talked about the true meaning of the word.
July 2018

Health care IT: Have we now reached a critical mass?

They also dramatically contribute to physician burnout and make doctors quite miserable. ... means to be a good physician.
May 2020

One physician's journey to direct primary care, a burnout tale

One physician's journey to direct primary care, a burnout tale. Donald Ross (an obvious pseudonym) has practiced in a medium sized town for around 20 years. ... I suspect all my readers know that physician burnout is an epidemic.
May 2020

'It's okay Doc, I trust you'

I am of course a medical physician, rather than a surgeon, so generally don't have to go over them as often. ... physician burnout—but it's everyday occasions like this, which keep bringing me back to what's important and what our patients really want
May 2020

Mission and purpose can counter feelings of burnout

ACP's president discusses physician burnout and the College's efforts to address it. ... From the conversations on burnout, we understand that connection to purpose ameliorates stress and eases burnout.
June 2018

What would a happy health care New Year look like?

We pay more for health care in the United States mainly because our prices are higher, whether it's for advanced imaging, hospital stays, emergency care, nonprimary care physician services, or ... 3. Reduce the crushing administrative burden on doctors
January 2018

A 5-point immediate action plan for health care IT

Indeed, lots of work to do. At a time when physician burnout and job dissatisfaction are at an all-time high—with so many physicians listing health care IT as a ... Suneel Dhand, MD, ACP Member, is a practicing physician in Massachusetts.
May 2020

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