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ACP's international presence reflects familiar domestic needs

workforce (especially in primary care), promoting population health, dealing with physician burnout, and sustaining internal medicine as a critically important specialty. ... We also shoulder very similar frustrations in response to administrative burden
November 2014

8 ways that members can guide College activities

4. Achieve results that reduce physician burnout, help restore the joy of practice, and reinvigorate the patient-physician relationship.
March 2017

ACP's Washington office reviews its own ‘seven days in May’

They discussed a proposed framework, developed by the Washington policy staff, for identifying administrative requirements and other hassles that undermine the patient-physician relationship and contribute to physician burnout. ... Senate Finance
July 2013

News flash, physicians increasingly dissatisfied with EHRs

EHRs add time to the physician's day. EHRs contribute to physician burnout, a major problem that negatively impacts patients.
October 2019

'It's okay Doc, I trust you'

I am of course a medical physician, rather than a surgeon, so generally don't have to go over them as often. ... physician burnout—but it's everyday occasions like this, which keep bringing me back to what's important and what our patients really want
October 2019

Unintended consequences of progress--safety, burnout and health care reform

Burnout occurs when the job becomes overwhelming. These many interventions lead to burnout. ... Physician burnout impacts every aspect of patient care. We need common sense, not more laws.
October 2019

An American physician's experience working in Canada

4. How do bureaucratic requirements for doctors vary, especially with regards to electronic medical records and data entry, which is a huge cause for physician burnout in America? ... The doctor faces no prior authorizations. 5. How was the collegiality
October 2019

Mission and purpose can counter feelings of burnout

ACP's president discusses physician burnout and the College's efforts to address it. ... From the conversations on burnout, we understand that connection to purpose ameliorates stress and eases burnout.
June 2018

: ACP Internist

Medical malpractice and physician burnout, for instance. Propose solutions to these issues, even if it goes against your core politics.
October 2019

QD: News Every Day--burnout risk appears worse for doctors on the 'front lines'

population to compare burnout risk by physician specialty and between physicians and the general population. ... physicians "is at an alarming level." They noted, however, that available evidence on how best to alleviate physician burnout is limited and
October 2019

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