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Internal Medicine Meeting 2017 offers new, rapid-fire session

So another new aspect this year is an increased focus on resiliency and the high level of physician burnout that is affecting retention, patient safety, professional satisfaction, and trainees' perceptions of ... While planning that meeting, the burden
February 2017

ACP's new EVP/CEO talks burnout prevention, future focus

Darilyn Moyer, MD, FACP, is known for her work as a physician educator. ... Q: How will you address physician burnout, one of your areas of interest?
September 2016

Restoration and well-being

Restoration and well-being. Physician well-being is getting a lot of well-deserved attention these days. ... Its antithesis, physician burnout, saps physicians of their spirit, humanity, and effectiveness as healers.
October 2019

Proper diagnosis takes time, reflection

One well-known challenge is physician burnout, which also happens to be an important contributor to medical errors, Dr. ... Physician burnout is a cause of diagnostic errors, and we're getting worse with time.
January 2019

2019 International Forum highlights physician well-being

to address this epidemic of physician burnout and promote a culture of well-being. ... Areas of measurement might include patient satisfaction, physician engagement, retention, rate of physician burnout, and the engagement of the health care team as a
October 2019

The pros and cons of using scribes

Burnout among internists is a major topic of discussion in both the halls of practices and policymaker discussions. ... While scribing is not a panacea for physician burnout and EHR frustration and may not be viable for some clinicians, it is worth
October 2016

ACP engages in the political process because it is necessary

patients and contribute to physician burnout; studies show that unhappy people do not make good doctors.
April 2017

Repeal and ... then what?

Repeal and. then what? We held a retreat before the presidential inauguration for the Board of Governors of Northwell Health Physician Partners. ... Someone should also really tell him that the best care is not being delivered by individual doctors in
October 2019

Time to listen

With so much attention to physician burnout and the high cost of care, the discussion spends far too little time talking about the lack of time most primary care docs have
October 2019

Physicians practice putting mind over matter

If there is a connection, it will give weight to arguing for work environments and employers to shape practices that address physician burnout, he said. ... That physician explained that while he liked writing narratives, he “didn't do” meditation.
January 2008

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