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10 tips for well-being amid COVID-19

But now that the country's trying to get back to normal, the realities of physician burnout are creeping back into the picture, he said. ... The following presentations can be found under the Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction tab.
July 2020

ACP's new EVP/CEO talks burnout prevention, future focus

Darilyn Moyer, MD, FACP, is known for her work as a physician educator. ... Q: How will you address physician burnout, one of your areas of interest?
September 2016

Proper diagnosis takes time, reflection

One well-known challenge is physician burnout, which also happens to be an important contributor to medical errors, Dr. ... Physician burnout is a cause of diagnostic errors, and we're getting worse with time.
January 2019

Be a happy physician and don't do it full time

Be a happy physician and don't do it full time. Talk about physician burnout and job dissatisfaction is everywhere right now. ... In any case, the last thing we need is more administrators in medicine (see this graph), or for physician burnout issues to
September 2020

The pros and cons of using scribes

Burnout among internists is a major topic of discussion in both the halls of practices and policymaker discussions. ... While scribing is not a panacea for physician burnout and EHR frustration and may not be viable for some clinicians, it is worth
October 2016

ACP engages in the political process because it is necessary

patients and contribute to physician burnout; studies show that unhappy people do not make good doctors.
April 2017

ACP's international presence reflects familiar domestic needs

workforce (especially in primary care), promoting population health, dealing with physician burnout, and sustaining internal medicine as a critically important specialty. ... We also shoulder very similar frustrations in response to administrative burden
November 2014

Mission and purpose can counter feelings of burnout

ACP's president discusses physician burnout and the College's efforts to address it. ... From the conversations on burnout, we understand that connection to purpose ameliorates stress and eases burnout.
June 2018

Physicians practice putting mind over matter

If there is a connection, it will give weight to arguing for work environments and employers to shape practices that address physician burnout, he said. ... That physician explained that while he liked writing narratives, he “didn't do” meditation.
January 2008

ACP's Washington office reviews its own ‘seven days in May’

They discussed a proposed framework, developed by the Washington policy staff, for identifying administrative requirements and other hassles that undermine the patient-physician relationship and contribute to physician burnout. ... Senate Finance
July 2013

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