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We physicians need a Ganesh attitude

Performance measurement is changing. Bad performance measures are being changed and withdrawn. ... Many more “mainstream” thought leaders are advising a significant reconsideration of performance measure.
April 2020

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Committee. ACP's Performance Measurement Committee has released an analysis of 28 performance measures for preventive care identified from the websites of the National Quality Forum (NQF) and the CMS Quality ... Find other meaningful performance measure
October 2018

The affect heuristic and conflicts of interest

Most guideline writers and performance measurement developers would deny that they have a conflict.
April 2020

Why wonks should read physician-written blogs

Performance measurement has grated on our nerves for a long time. ... I blogged about this on June 6.) In that paper, Achieving the Potential of Health Care Performance Measures, the authors point out many of the flaws that bloggers have noted for
April 2020

The best physicians are multidimensional

Given this multidimensionality, how can we use simple performance measures to rank physicians. ... Perhaps performance measurement developers should all read Flatland.
April 2020

Looking back and looking forward

Clinical policy papers from the Performance Measurement Committee, the Clinical Guidelines Committee, and the High Value Care Committee provide recommendations that make sense within the daily practice of medicine.
January 2019

Where did diagnosis education go, and why?

We now spend time doing multi-disciplinary rounds. We focus on performance metrics. ... If we do not do that, no curriculum will help. Perhaps we can blame the lack of diagnostic education on residency reform, or performance measurement, or
April 2020

ACP advocacy for better regulatory policies

addressing the concerns raised by ACP's Performance Measurement Committee regarding the validity of many of the measures now being used by Medicare.
September 2018

International Forum focuses on social determinants of health

No comments on EHR utilization were noted. 8. The American College of Physicians recommends adjusting quality payment models and performance measurement assessments to reflect the increased risk associated with caring for ... No comments on quality
January 2019

Nominees named for College Officer and Regent positions

ACP activities: Member, Medical Service Policy Committee, 2004-2009; Member, Medical Informatics Committee, 2005-2010; Member, Performance Measurement Subcommittee, 2006-2007; Chair, Medical Informatics Committee, 2013-2017; Chair, QI Learning
November 2018

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