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Targeting glycemic control in the elderly

Cleveland. “When I've gone out to talk about this, the kinds of questions I've gotten are ‘Won't we be in trouble with performance measurement? ... Generally, today, it won't, she explained. “One of the reasons the performance measures don't set 100
October 2014

Value-based payments a new source of reimbursement, penalties

ACP's Performance Measure Committee (PMC) oversees the performance measurement-related activities of the College. ... The PMC also publishes policy papers and performance measurement commentaries to educate physicians about performance measure initiatives
March 2013

Physiology on the fly

Will this old school approach catch fire? Can we energize clinician educators in an error of arcane documentation requirements, cumbersome electronic records and increasing focus on performance measurement?
April 2020

Guidelines get their own conference at G-I-N

Guidelines International Network) conference, held in Philadelphia in September with the theme “Individualized Guidelines and Clinical Performance Measurement in an Era of Personalized Medicine.” The meeting, which ACP co-hosted, was ... Qaseem said.
February 2017

Thoughts on diagnostic errors

performance measurement. ... While that seems obvious, most performance measurement fails to consider the diagnostic accuracy, but rather only the treatment of the presumed diagnosis.
April 2020

What is quality?

Not all patients want the performance measurement goal achieved. We should tailor our treatment to the patient.
April 2020

A better signal-to-noise ratio for guidelines

Those tend to be more influential.”. According to Dr. Forciea, guideline developers are working more closely and frequently with those who formulate performance measures to ensure that one side informs the ... 27-30 in Philadelphia. ACP is a conference
June 2016

Nominees named for College Officer, Treasurer and Regents

ACP activities: Board of Regents, 2009-present; ACP Services, Inc. (Treasurer, 2010-2012; President, 2012-); Medical Practice and Quality Committee, 2010-present (Chair, 2012-); Governance Committee, 2010-2012; Performance Measurement Committee,
November 2012

Learning to wait and observe by avoiding the 'do something syndrome'

start. We have had harm from performance measurement! The famous 4 hour pneumonia rule provides one example: “The four-hour rule was based on 2 large retrospective studies, one of which ... We should not do anything until we evaluate that something. We
April 2020

Strength in numbers: building influence through coalitions

ACP also works with several groups and coalitions and has a leading role improving health quality, health information and performance measurement. ... We are also leading efforts to identify appropriate and scientifically valid quality improvement
February 2009

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