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QD: News Every Day--About that placebo effect. . .

Ted Kaptchuk, OMD, the study's lead author, told the LA Times that a larger study needs to be done to confirm the findings, and said that he didn't believe ... PLoS ONE, Public Library of Science, LA Times, ACP Internist). [Editor's Note: QD--News Every
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--Most doctors, med students couldn't answer this question

the person’s symptoms or signs?”. ... In an accompanying editor’s note, Joseph S. Ross, MD, MPH, ACP Member, noted that disease prevalence matters for testing, as does test sensitivity and specificity.
December 2019

The Sunshine Act and Open Payments

If one feels there is a discrepancy, then s/he can file a dispute that industry companies will need to review, and ultimately reconcile. ... Editor’s Note: ACP Internist offers a primer on using the Open Payments System and additional
December 2019

ACP welcomes annual meeting ‘home’ to Philadelphia

Myths, according to Douglas S. Paauw, MD, MACP. At his talk “Busting Medical Myths: When Dogma Is for the Dogs,” Dr. ... Sincerely,. Jennifer Kearney-Strouse. Executive Editor.
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Colon, rectal tumors genomically the same

Genome Atlas (TCGA) project's large-scale study of colon and rectal cancer tissue specimens. ... Editor's Note: QD will resume on Monday, July 30. Posted by.
December 2019

Options vary for acute pain management

Acute pancreatitis is mild in most cases, but when it's not, it's life-threatening. ... Sincerely,. Jennifer Kearney-Strouse. Executive Editor, ACP Internist.
February 2018

QD: News Every Day--Prevent diabetes to bend the health care cost curve

Health spending associated with diabetes and prediabetes is about $194 billion this year, or 7% of U.S. ... Preventive Services Task Force should to evidence for prediabetes screening. [Editor's Note--QD: News Every Day will resume on Nov.
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--British women would trade lifespan for better bodies

And it doesn't have to be rail-thin body weight, either, which fits in with the organization's message and the reason it conducted the survey. ... 31% had negative thoughts several times a day. [Editor's Note: QD--News Every Day will resume publishing
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--Low-value services may cost Medicare billions

In a related editor’s note, Mitchell H. Katz, MD, FACP, and colleagues wrote: “This article highlights the opportunity for eliminating unnecessary care, and we hope that others will use and
December 2019

Parsing the pros and cons of breast cancer screening

Please see the Editor's Note below.) For those of us in Preventive Medicine, the USPSTF recommendations are something of a bible; you can access them yourself online. ... Editor's Note: After the initial publication of this blog post on Sept.
December 2019

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