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‘Smart’ drugs could be bad idea

In today's hypercompetitive world, there is an ever-increasing drive to be stronger, smarter, faster, better. ... Sincerely,. Jennifer Kearney-Strouse. Executive Editor.
November 2017

'Your Medical Mind' explores what influences patients' medical decisions

It's a very hard thing to do. Which brings me to a last point. ... Editor's Note: Drs. Groopman and Hartzband are Fellows of the American College of Physicians, and they begin their new column, "Gray Matters," in the January 2012 edition of ACP Internist.
November 2019

Letters to the Editor

Prescriptions should be in electronic form and sent to the patient's choice of pharmacy. ... B.P. Rajesh, ACP Member. St. Johns, Mich. Editor's Note: The College supports the efforts of the CCHIT in identifying EHRs that meet baseline functional,
January 2008

ACP President: Not Enough Americans Have Been Vaccinated Against H1N1 Flu

Editor's note: Val Jones, MD, guest authored this post, which originally appeared on her blog, Better Health. ... Dr. Val: What's your take home message for Americans entering this new year?
November 2019

A pox on your house? How fighting one disease brought back another

Editor's note: This post was originally published November 5, 2009.]. Some were surprised to read that after a pro basketball player swatted a bat out of the air, he had ... in Istanbul, made note of the practice and brought it back to England.
November 2019

What role should a 21st century physician play?

Editor's Note: Steve Simmons, ACP Member, posted this blog entry originally at Better Health. ... Some patients in the 21st century approach "modern" healthcare with the same expectations I bring into a deli for lunch: "I'd like the sinus infection with
November 2019

‘Right-to-try’ laws spark debate

In our story this month, Charlotte Huff reviews the status of right-to-try laws in the U.S. ... Sincerely,. Jennifer Kearney-Strouse. Executive Editor, ACP Internist.
January 2018

Do hospitalists improve or detract from quality of care?

Do hospitalists improve or detract from quality of care? Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared in 2 parts at MD Whistleblower.]. ... Here’s the upside. • Hospitalists provide superior hospital care because of their training and experience.
November 2019

Letters to the Editor

It's not just a physical but a connection with a well-trained physician. ... Yul Ejnes, FACP. Cranston, R.I. EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Ejnes is a College Regent and chair of the Medical Service Committee.
March 2010

Caring for patients in the shadows

pay. Our story offers advice on caring for undocumented patients in today's climate, including tips on establishing cultural competency and building rapport. ... Sincerely,. Jennifer Kearney-Strouse. Executive Editor.
October 2018

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