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QD: News Every Day--White rice increases risk of type 2 diabetes : ACP Internist

The risk of type 2 diabetes is increased by 10% with each increased serving of white rice and the trend strongest in Asian populations that ...
April 2019

Little treatments, lots of time best for back pain | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

It's critical to spend time talking to patients about their history, check for red flags that could identify the etiology, and encourage patients not to stay bedridden.
April 2019

Booklet for pregnant patients with diabetes : ACP Internist

On the heels of a study that found pre-pregnancy diabetes increases the risk for birth defects, the NIDDK is giving away a patient guide: "F...
April 2019

Experts agree on principles of diabetes care | ACP Internist

Learn 10 guiding principles for the care of people with or at risk for diabetes.
February 2015

Weight-loss surgery more effective for diabetes than medication : ACP Internist

About 20 million Americans currently have type 2 diabetes, three times more than in 1980. Diabetes is a major risk factor for stroke and hea...
April 2019

Patients with diabetes facing vision loss at ever-earlier ages | ACP Internist

Just as diabetes is affecting younger populations, so are its consequences. Childhood obesity can translate into diabetic retinopathy in patients in their 20s, which requires a response from the primary care community.
April 2013

Celebrating World Diabetes Day with a splash : ACP Internist

Color-coding of disease awareness has become pretty standard--we all know about red dresses for heart disease and the ACP building was bathe...
April 2019

April 12, 2019 | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

ACP Internist provides news and information for internal medicine physicians about the practice of medicine and reports on the policies, products, and activities of ACP.

Teaching diabetes self-management ‘basic survival skills' | ACP Internist

Diabetes self-management education is cost-efficient and can improve A1c levels “far greater” than the effect required to approve a new drug for the disease. Smartphones, health coaches and educators are part of the new paradigm to help patients.
September 2012

QD: News Every Day--Waist circumference more strongly associated with diabetes risk : ACP Internist

The evidence of an association between women with big waists and the onset of diabetes got a little bit more solid, thanks to a study of mor...
April 2019

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