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What economic theory can teach us about retail clinics | ACP Internist

As clinicians continue to debate the merits and limitations of retail clinics, it is increasingly clear that they are here to stay. Although some concerns about this trend have merit, retail clinics could also create positive disruption for the

Doripenem not for pneumonia; migraine device approved | ACP Internist

This update covers a labeling change for doripenem (Doribax) and a warning about risk of death for ventilator patients with pneumonia, among other regulatory actions.

Internists healing tsunami's aftereffects | ACP Internist

Six months after an earthquake and tsunami, Japan's populace and its clinicians are sizing up the long-term health effects of the physical injuries, the mental trauma and the damage to the nation's health care facilities. Internists describe the

Documenting ICD-10-CM: What's new? | ACP Internist

More specific information required in clinical documentation will lead to more efficient claims processing under the ICD-10 requirements that take effect in October.

LabOregon : ACP Internist

The Wall Street Journal ran a story about a new plan in Oregon to provide health care for less money. Paradoxically, the federal governmen...

The 'them' in 'us' : ACP Internist

It is a season of our particular discontent , political and otherwise. Wherever we reside on any given spectrum of party, preference, or ide...

Birds of a feather : ACP Internist

I know, I know, I've been remiss in blogging about quackery. My infrequent ramblings have been more inward-focused lately. Sometimes, thoug...

QD: News Every Day--Teens with type 2 diabetes likely to need combination therapy sooner : ACP Internist

A majority of teenagers with type 2 diabetes may require combination treatment or insulin therapy within a few years of diagnosis, researche...

Warning on diabetes drugs, approval of adjuvant flu vaccine | ACP Internist

This update covers a warning on sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors and approval of a trivalent vaccine for the prevention of seasonal influenza in people age 65 years and older.

QD: News Every Day--'Made in America' fast food associated with heart disease, diabetes : ACP Internist

The export of American fast food restaurants to Singapore was associated with a spike in diabetes and cardiovascular diseases there, a study...

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