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Q&A: How to fight impostor phenomenon

High-achieving individuals, like physicians, often think they don't deserve their success, and this can lead to higher rates of burnout.
1 May 2023

Q&A with ACP's President on COVID-19 vaccines

George M. Abraham, MD, MPH, MACP, ACP's President, recently discussed the difference between third shots and boosters and other complexities of vaccination, as well as offered advice to internists on getting more patients vaccinated.
23 Nov 2021

Q&A: DEA requires addiction training for all prescribers

The Drug Enforcement Administration is requiring eight hours of training related to substance use disorder treatment, sending clinicians scurrying to their continuing education providers for help.
1 May 2023

Q&A: Dealing with COVID-19 vaccine allocation, distribution

The new availability of vaccines has highlighted the challenges of allocation and distribution, which were the focus of a recent forum hosted by ACP and Annals of Internal Medicine.
2 Feb 2021

Marking achievements in gender equity

The President-elect of the American Medical Women's Association discusses mentorship, advocacy, and more.
1 Sep 2023

Register for spring or summer 2023 ACP Board Review Courses

The spring course will be held May 22 to 26 in Greater Chicago. The summer course will be held July 10 to 14 in the Washington, D.C., area. Virtual formats are available for both courses.
21 Mar 2023

Q&A: Cannabis use increasing among older adults

Cannabis use is on the rise among older adults, by almost 50% from 2016 to 2018, even in states where it hasn't been legalized for medicinal or recreational use.
1 Mar 2021

CDC warns of Q fever in Iraq, Netherlands

Put words in our mouth
18 May 2010

Use caution with colchicine's many drug interactions

A coauthor of “The Top 100 Drug Interactions” offers advice for improved management of colchicine.
1 Sep 2023

Early career physicians are mentors, mentees

An expert discusses how early career physicians can get involved in mentorship, the difference between mentorship and sponsorship, and how to end a mentorship that isn't working.
1 Oct 2023

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