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A modeling study concluded that screening mammography every year after age 75 years did not provide more benefit than harm in terms of a woman's quality of life and cost ... breast cancer death, survival, and cost with annual or biennial mammography
November 2021

Mammography poses small benefits, latent risks in elderly

A study found that regular mammography among women age 80 and older was associated with earlier disease stage. ... Individual and combined effects of age, breast density, and hormone replacement therapy use on the accuracy of screening mammography.
January 2009

Mammography--just like 1997

Mammography--just like 1997. It's not easy to translate health care policy into health care practice. ... Each woman should decide for herself whether to undergo mammography," the NIH panel said.
November 2021

Does mammography save lives?

Does mammography save lives? I find that the public often exaggerates the benefits of many preventive health measures. ... Mammography experts all agree that any benefit of this screening test to the individual patient is very modest.
November 2021

ACP issues guidance statement for breast cancer screening of average-risk women with no symptoms | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

The age to start and discontinue mammography, screening intervals, the role of imaging methods other than mammography, and the role of clinical breast examination have been points of disagreement among guideline ... Screening with mammography every other
April 2019

Can we unmuddle mammography?

mammography or usual medical care without mammography during the initial 5 years of the study period. ... But that’s where mammography falls. It’s pretty close to a toss-up.
November 2021

Radiologists' experience matters in mammography outcomes

and surgery) are said to be the main problem with breast cancer screening by mammography. ... year to be deemed qualified by the FDA and Mammography Quality Standards Act and Program.
November 2021

Annals study on mammography spawns false hope that breast cancer is not a dangerous disease

Annals study on mammography spawns false hope that breast cancer is not a dangerous disease. ... report as Overdiagnosis of Invasive Breast Cancer Due to Mammography Screening: Results From the Norwegian Screening Program.
November 2021

Screening mammography in women aged 40-49: A report of the American College of Physicians and American College of Radiology consensus meeting

Formally approved ACP-ACR consensus points for screening mammography in average-risk women. ... 10. The potential harms associated with screening mammography include:. transient discomfort from the study;.
May 2012

Congress and Dr. Bayes

Here's the background. USPSTF published recommendations in late 2009 for the use of screening mammography in different age groups. ... Fast forward to now. The USPSTF has put out for comment new draft recommendations about screening mammography.
November 2021

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