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All health policy is political, as it must be

Instead, it's because we have determined, through our policy development process, that a public policy issue affects the well-being of our members, the health of patients, or both. ... Or will ACP continue to view its mission as advocating for both the
February 2019

Flu, fools, fanatics, and you

When the flu strain is especially severe, being the right age or having generally good health make for less reliable defense. ... That there are pernicious, false narratives about the flu vaccine should surprise no one; there are false narratives about
May 2022

Deciding which advocacy issues are ‘in our lane’

Immigrants in the United States, whether present lawfully or not, will experience harm to their health if they avoid medical care for fear of being deported, putting the broader population at ... No organization, including ACP, can devote unlimited
October 2019

Nutrients supplemental to what?

The whole idea of supplementation is meaningless without accounting for what is being supplemented. ... and those buying them in the hope that the ease of taking a pill can replace the benefits of eating well, being physically active, getting enough sleep
May 2022

Preventing burnout is essential medicine for physicians

The foundation of this effort is 125 Well-Being Champions who will be accessible through our ACP chapters. ... Discuss this column in our Member Forum on Physician Well-Being and Professional Satisfaction.
January 2018

Are internists team leaders or orchestra conductors?

In this 2013 paper, ACP stated that “Although physicians have extensive education, skills, and training that make them uniquely qualified to exercise advanced clinical responsibilities within teams, well-functioning teams will ... Successful teams have
November 2019

Reducing my cardiovascular risks--the ongoing saga

anyway. I made it my mission to find drugs that would lower my risk of stroke and heart attack without sacrificing my health and well-being. ... I have definitely gained, however, from the experience of being a patient, though a mighty privileged one.
May 2022

Understand factors that determine health, how they mix

Shelter, safety, and the stability they can afford have been seen as foundational to health and well-being. ... Linked to all these factors are psychological and existential stressors that impact health and well-being.
March 2019

With wellness habits: something is always better than nothing

I've found that for many people, especially those right at the start of their health and well-being journey, the task ahead may seem very daunting and intimidating.
May 2022

Heart monitors and running toilets

Well, yes, I explained, we did have a toilet that had been running (which I have since fixed), but I was surprised that it could lead to such an outsized bill. ... make important observations about their own health and well-being.
May 2022

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