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New research evaluates RA patients' cardiovascular risks Rheumatologists also mull advances, complications of drug therapy

The opening ceremony welcomes attendees to the 71st annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology. ... vessels supplying blood to the heart,” said Gurkipal Singh, MD, a rheumatology researcher from Stanford University who spoke at the ACR
January 2008

Narrowing the focus on fibromyalgia

Narrowing the focus on fibromyalgia. If attendees at the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals' fibromyalgia debate were expecting strident disagreement, they were likely disappointed.
November 2019

Getting the gist

In my last ACR session (the convention continues through tomorrow, but our blog coverage finishes today), a psychiatrist spoke about explain...
November 2019

Decision fatigue in physicians and medicine: the importance of routines and habits

In the field of rheumatology, we are often faced with complex decisions, but luckily, the majority of them are not extremely time-sensitive, allowing us time to research and discuss with ... Paul, Minn. He was a chief resident in internal medicine with
November 2019

Rheumatoid arthritis hurts the whole body

O’Dell, FACP, a professor of medicine in the rheumatology section at the University of Nebraska. ... When we go to non-rheumatology practices, the rates of use are much lower,” Dr.
July 2010

Lifelong learning and teaching in medicine

In my case, being part of discussions on The Rheumatology Podcast and posting on the blog there have undoubtedly increased my learning level for a number of topics. ... Paul, Minn. He was a chief resident in internal medicine with the University of
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Internists see 2% more income, still among the lowest paid specialties

The biggest income increases were in ophthalmology (9%), pediatrics (5%), nephrology (4%), rheumatology (4%), and oncology (4%).
November 2019

One more ill-advised session title

One more ill-advised session title. I'll be blogging from the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology next week, and for the most part, their session titles are
November 2019

Officer, Treasurer and Regent election results announced

Fellowship: Yale School of Medicine (rheumatology), 1992-1994. Present position: Private practice, Connecticut Medical Group, LLC, 1994-2012; Northeast Medical Group with the Yale-New Haven Health System, 2012-present; associate ... ACP Fellowship: 1998.
March 2013

The ACR's got milk...and lemonade and water.

The point of the rheumatologic press conference I attended this afternoon was probably supposed to be the results of the research presented,...
November 2019

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