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Fibromyalgia's symptoms real but be cautious in diagnosis

A rheumatologist with 25 years of fibromyalgia research experience questions the current paradigm surrounding the elusive illness.
1 May 2009

Expert explains thyroid diagnosis, treatment and common red flags

The estimate that 25 million people have thyroid problems would double if the normal range was adjusted, as some medical societies suggest. In this Web-only feature, Victor Bernet, FACP, the author of MKSAP 15's chapter on disorders of the thyroid gland, offers his insights into management.
1 Jan 2010

There is a doctor in the ‘House’ (and she's an ACP Member)

From television news producer to internist to columnist to advisor to one of the most popular medical dramas, Lisa Sanders, ACP Member, explains how a career spent considering the stories behind every diagnosis has led her to become one of the real physicians behind House, M.D.
1 Mar 2010

Lessen the burdens of Medicare's home health requirements

Home health care now requires face-to-face certification of eligibility based on the patient's current condition, a burden that doesn't have to be one. A few simple tips can ensure that the patient's needs and Medicare's paperwork are both satisfied.
1 Feb 2012

Combating conflicting information on prescription drug labels

A Consumer Reports check found that five chain drugstores in the New York area provided different warnings for the same warfarin prescription. A College Fellow who is the magazine's chief medical advisor explains how primary care physicians can help their patients stay abreast of their prescriptions.
1 Feb 2012

Learn how to plan a medical volunteering trip overseas

If your idea of a stimulating vacation involves unsafe destinations, bribing foreign officials for a medical license and practicing resource-limited hospitals, then there's an organization willing to set it all up for you. (You also get to meet kings and see beautiful scenery.).
1 Apr 2012

Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention

An expert counsels internists to consider screening their elderly patients for financial abuses, from investment scams to pressure from family members. Doctors can partner with financial experts to prevent financial exploitation.
1 Jul 2012

What's your malpractice risk? Depends on your specialty

A research letter uncovers how often physicians face malpractice claims, and builds a case for policy reform that ensures fair compensation for patients who are harmed and less time spent on cases that are eventually dismissed.
1 Oct 2012

Value-based payments a new source of reimbursement, penalties

Value-based payments are meant to adjust Medicare and Medicaid payments according to performance. Take concrete actions to recoup more reimbursement and avoid nonparticipation penalties.
1 Mar 2013

‘Discontinued’ medications a problem when using EHRs

Physicians who wonder why a patient is still taking a discontinued medication might look to their EHRs for the answer. Unlike with new prescriptions, a doctor's orders to stop a drug usually aren't automatically transmitted to pharmacies. This widespread problem requires an old-fashioned solution: talking to patients to ensure they know what medications they are meant to be taking.
1 Apr 2013

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