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Do I have diverticulitis?

I have been treating diverticulitis for 30 years the same way. When I suspect that a patient has this diagnosis, I prescribe antibiotics. Th...
October 2021

A taxonomy of medical humor

Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Urology and Gynecology are the most popular specialties for obvious reasons. ... Since then he has practiced general gastroenterology at a small community hospital in Connecticut.
October 2021

When wheat is to blame

We've heard reports accusing the pharmaceutical industry of manufacturing and promoting diseases in order to boost drug sales, so called " d...
October 2021

Uptake of CRC screening leaves room for improvement This issue also covers IMGs and immigration policy, along with conference coverage on gastroenterology and the ... Our conference coverage this month comes
January 2019

Can physicians take vacation?

Years ago, I was having dinner with 2 members of The Cleveland Orchestra, one of the finest orchestras in the world. I asked them, with my k...
October 2021

Can private practice survive?

We certainly feel the squeeze here in Cleveland, where our small gastroenterology (GI) practice is suffering from some breathlessness as surrounding health care institutions suck up oxygen in the community.
October 2021

Does appendicitis need surgery?

Some issues do not need to be studied. For example, would we expect the National Institutes of Health to fund a study to determine if driver...
October 2021

Who should get the liver transplant?

People with liver failure and cirrhosis die every year because there are not enough livers available. Who should receive the treasured life-...
October 2021

Free Wi-Fi in the doctor's office?

Here are some items we might start charging for in our gastroenterology practice. •
October 2021

ACP's Ethics Manual spurs debate about costs of health care

As Whistleblower readers know, I am a conservative practitioner of the art and science of gastroenterology. ... I first developed this medical world view as an intern and resident, and remained a parsimonious practitioner even after completing a
October 2021

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