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Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

Annals of Internal Medicine has made coronavirus-related content freely available.
May 2020

Trio of plenary speakers offers hope, humanity, healing

coronavirus was sequenced, with phase III trials under way by July 2020.
June 2021

MERS: a primer

The virus (a novel coronavirus) appears to have originated in bats, but antibodies to the virus have been found in camels. •
May 2022

Home BP monitoring works, but not as well alone

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has allotted $1.32 billion for COVID-19 response and for maintaining the capacity of community health centers, which is where most
November 2020

Infusion sets, heparin recalled

Updates to the FDA's Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program webpage. The site contains new metrics and frequently asked questions.
October 2020

How ‘seeing’ a patient has changed

We have all experienced the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in various ways.
October 2020

Is COVID-19 the same thing or different things?

Is COVID-19 the same thing or different things? I took care of some people with coronavirus in the hospital. ... All these people have “the coronavirus.” But do they all have the same thing?
May 2022

Working during a pandemic reinforces that health care workers are heroes

I spent the last week working in a large community hospital in a state with a soaring number of coronavirus cases. ... But back to the special “coronavirus unit” our hospital had created at light speed.
May 2022

Resolve to get involved in advocacy in 2022

This sequestration was then extended to 2030 in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, although it was temporarily suspended from May 2020 to December 2021.
January 2022

Weeks into this, inadequate PPE is a national disgrace to America

When the whole coronavirus crisis started to escalate in the United States in April, there could not have been a more unified cry from the health care frontlines—we need personal ... The risk to medical workers of coronavirus exposure has been
May 2022

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