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The Campaign Trail: Health care plank builds presidential platforms

Welcome to the Campaign Trail, a new ACP Internist column covering health care issues in the 2008 presidential campaign. ... To find out, I decided to check out the campaign Web sites of six top candidates (the three Democrats and three Republicans who
January 2008

Session on the presidential candidates' platforms

Session on the presidential candidates' platforms. More details in the July edition of the Campaign Trail column, but just to give you a quick glimpse of the session with reps from ... Heartiest laughter: Whitney Addington, who represented the Obama
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Political haymaking in the middle of winter

QD: News Every Day--Political haymaking in the middle of winter. Repealing health care reform has become a way of stockpiling ammunition for the campaign trail. ... The House's quixotic vote would then promptly die in the Democrat-held Senate.
September 2019

John McCain touts his plan for the U.S. health care system

Barack Obama and 30% for Sen. McCain. Presumably, as the campaign moves forward, Sen. ... McCain will release more details. For information on his opponents' plans, check back next month, when the Campaign Trail will conduct a similar analysis of the
May 2008

Presidential candidates quiet on one health issue: abortion

Barack Obama and John McCain: abortion. For most of the campaign, the candidates have steered away from discussion of the issue, preferring to focus on the war and the economy. ... Because the election is so near, this will be the last edition of the
October 2008

Candidates split on staying with employer health coverage

Employer-based coverage is the backbone of the current U.S. health insurance system. ... Would the Obama plan convince small-business owners to buy group coverage for their employees?
September 2008

Doctors demand specifics on candidates' health care plans

The disadvantage, as Sen. John McCain's campaign learned at Internal Medicine 2008, is that the other party may double-team you. ... Addington, MACP, spoke on behalf of Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, and another physician, Irwin Redlener, MD, of the
July 2008

Editor's Note: Family ties help close the generation gap

Generational differences are also having an impact on the presidential campaign, as Stacey Butterfield explains in the“ Campaign Trail” column. ... Please continue to send in your suggestions for case studies and comments on these and other features
April 2008

Democrats' health plans not much help to undecided voters

So what is the priority in creating a new health care coverage system? ... After the representatives from the two Democratic campaigns and a spokesperson for Mr.
June 2008

Presidential candidates tackle problem of health care costs

costs. As with almost every issue in this campaign, the real divisions on this subject are between Democrats and Republicans. ... If you want to know even more about campaign donations, like which candidates your neighbors support (yes, it's really on
March 2008

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