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The Colonoscopy Conundrum

Aversion to bowel preparation and a fear of discomfort are the top reasons that people avoid colonoscopy, with embarrassment close behind, Dr. ... Several studies suggest patients are more likely to accept, and repeat, bowel preparations for colonoscopy
January 2008

Am I too old for a colonoscopy?

Am I too old for a colonoscopy? Most of us are familiar with the concept of medical guidelines. ... He's never had a colonoscopy. Does a screening study really make sense here?
September 2020

Colonoscopy prep harder on women

Colonoscopy prep harder on women. Colonoscopies are especially important for women, because they're more likely to have polyps or lesions deeper in the colon. ... ACP Internist highlights ways to make colonoscopy screening easier on patients, including
September 2020

How much does a colonoscopy cost?

Not this doctor. I am queried periodically by patients asking how much I charge for a colonoscopy. ... However, colonoscopies are like airline tickets; no two passengers pay the same fare.
September 2020

Is office colonoscopy ethical?

This permits a physician to refer a patient to us for a colonoscopy, without the need for an initial office visit. ... I sit in judgment now awaiting your verdict. May it be as probing and enlightening as a colonoscopy. .
September 2020

New colonoscopy recommendation makes gastroenterologist consider his options

New colonoscopy recommendation makes gastroenterologist consider his options. The right side of the colon seems to be the Achilles heel of colonoscopy because polyps there tend to be flat and harder ... This provocative recommendation represents a major
September 2020

Can you have your colonoscopy and endoscopy on the same day?

I’ve heard it dozens of times:. My gastroenterologist says s/he can’t do my endoscopy and colonoscopy on the same day. ... Yes, there are true medical reasons that some people shouldn’t have an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy (sometimes called
September 2020

Scoping out the reasons for overuse of colonoscopy

For example, capable gastroenterologists may have differing opinions on whether a colonoscopy for a particular patient makes sense. ... Recently, a patient whom I had never met arrived for me to do a colonoscopy.
September 2020

Is colonoscopy the best colon cancer screening test?

Here are some drawbacks. --the pre-colonoscopy cathartic cocktail,. --anxiety,. --discomfort (no it's not always painless),. ... Colonoscopy's unrivaled advantage is that it can remove nearly all polyps discovered.
September 2020

Quality indicators in colonoscopy are a three-pronged test for your gastroenterologist

Follow along. When we do a colonoscopy, for example, we are relying upon stool, or more accurately a stool, as in a three-legged stool. ... The gastro specialist must have the requisite technical skill, not only to perform the colonoscopy properly, but
September 2020

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