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Preventive aspirin inflames opinions

Aspirin's long-standing role in cardiovascular health does not resolve its precise benefit in terms of cardiovascular prevention, specifically in patients who haven't had a myocardial infarction or stroke. ... Another complication for physicians is that
May 2015

QD: News Every Day--Another piece to the puzzle of alcohol and heart health

The findings suggest that reduction of alcohol consumption, even for light to moderate drinkers, is beneficial for cardiovascular health, researchers noted. ... A co-author said in a press release,“ For some time, observational studies have suggested
September 2019

Quantified self

The occasion was a symposium on cardiovascular health, sponsored by the Quantified Self. ... He then held a number of senior positions at Mount Sinai Medical Center prior to joining Northwell Health.
September 2019

Improving rural health takes effort, energy

documents an effort to implement, monitor, and evaluate a major community effort to improve cardiovascular health,” said Darwin R. ... It's possible to make a difference.”. At a minimum, look at data about cardiovascular health within your practice,
September 2015

Marijuana use may diminish metabolic syndrome

Until now we have not understood the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis, on cardiovascular health. ... But the more we know about the effects of this commonly used plant on our health, the better decisions can be
September 2019

Sad state of American hearts

Health, and other government agencies to compile and disclose the most current data on heart disease, stroke, and cardiovascular risk factors in the U.S. ... This is the sad state of cardiovascular health in America now.
September 2019

Expert opinion on dietary fat: Is the apparent disagreement real?

But you are still safely in the realm of evidence-based disease prevention/health promotion by dietary means. ... Drink water when thirsty, by the way; and perhaps modest alcohol, preferentially red wine, to enhance the pleasure of meals and
September 2019

Urinary incontinence is overlooked but treatable

In addition, the experts said, the drugs' effects on cardiovascular health and their impact on the kidneys over the long term are still undetermined. ... collaborative effort involving the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
February 2015

Ode to olive oil

Olive oil consumption in dietary context is strongly and consistently associated with health benefit. ... To put such conflicting findings in context, exercise is also consistently associated with improved endothelial function, and better cardiovascular
September 2019

Sugar: my position

engineered to subjugate the health of the many to the profit of the few, gets the attention it deserves. ... Our studies of food have been agnostic with regard to food type, and have rather followed our hypotheses, ranging from the effects of egg intake
September 2019

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