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Chasms and comparisons covered by Carolyn Clancy

The good news is that in recent years there have been steady declines in the "quality chasm" between guidelines and care actually provided. ... If the current pace continues, Dr. Clancy said, "my top statistician tells me it will take 20 years to close
December 2019

ACP Internist

Winners of the national abstract competitions, who will be on site in Philadelphia to present their winning abstracts, are selected in one of five categories: basic research, clinical research, quality

System-wide changes improve diabetes care

little over a year, but the practices already had a strong drive to support quality improvement. ... Andrieni noted. Performance measurements before and after the quality improvement project showed astonishing differences, Dr.
September 2016

How to fix EMRs

decision support (reminders about indicated services, drug-drug interactions, embedded care pathways, access to supporting clinical evidence); the ability to aggregate information for quality improvement purposes, and more.
December 2019

Laws of thermodiagnostics

imaging modalities, diagnostic reasoning, medical informatics, new medical education modalities, pre-code/code management, palliative care, patient-physician communication, quality improvement, and quantitative biomedical imaging.
December 2019

The hero case managers

His other clinical interests include quality improvement, hospital safety, hospital utilization, and the use of technology in health care.
December 2019

Secret shoppers in the waiting room a new twist on pay for performance

When they point out when we have missed the mark, they give us valuable quality improvement advice. ... For me, these lessons from patients are my most potent and effective quality improvement program.
December 2019

It's all about the communication

By the same token, as we look to improve quality and outcomes in health care, and administrators bang their heads together to try to figure out how to do this, communication ... His other clinical interests include quality improvement, hospital safety,
December 2019

The salaried employed socialized physician versus the private physician, and why you should care

So as we move towards an employed model for all doctors and reimbursement structures become increasingly complex and focused on “quality”, while other folk also debate a future single-payer system, ... His other clinical interests include quality
December 2019

QD: News Every Day--Widespread health care cuts proposed to balance the budget

For health care, the commission recommended (starting on page 31):. --pay doctors, other health providers and drug companies less and improve efficiency and quality;.
December 2019

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