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When is it sleep apnea?

P atients often report difficulty sleeping, and it's up to internists to determine which ones are suffering from lifestyle-related conditions like stress and which are affected by sleep apnea. ... Although ACP's premier scientific meeting is always a big
March 2015

Rural prevention efforts face specific hurdles

ACP has issued guidance in several areas of women's health over the past year, including pelvic exams, cervical cancer screening, and breast cancer screening. ... As Bob Doherty, ACP's senior vice president for governmental affairs and public policy,
September 2015

More research needed on long-term opioids

But it's an assessment that's important, since malnutrition can have a deleterious effect on all areas of a patient's overall health.
April 2015

Hepatitis C diagnosis, treatment changing rapidly

It's a new year, 2015, which is also the year of ACP's centennial. ... And every issue of ACP Internist this year will include an article that highlights each of ACP's 10 decades.
January 2015

Aspirin's use, effectiveness debated

This issue covers topics including aspirin's role in cardiovascular health, conference coverage for palliative care, and the growth of free clinics in medical education. ... Which sessions offered the most value to you this year? How did you celebrate
May 2015

Internal Medicine 2014 tackles medical errors, EHRs, and more

There's also advice on perioperative medication management and how to incorporate cultural competence when caring for Latino patients. ... Doherty, grades the Affordable Care Act's enrollment so far. And, a medical student offers some thoughts on why
June 2014

Managing diabetes meds more complicated in elderly patients

A s part of managing diabetes therapy in their practice, internists must come up with just the right combination of diet and medication to control blood glucose and prevent adverse events, ... Stacey Butterfield, in this issue's story, looks at recent
October 2014

Alcohol treatment may be shifting to primary care

T he U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has long recommended screening adults in primary care to reduce alcohol misuse, but in 2013 it revised its recommendation to clarify that such ... It's not all good news, though: For some drugs, additional risks
October 2015

Urinary incontinence is overlooked but treatable

codes and levels of specificity, and our Practice Tips column discusses what's needed to obtain patient consent for chronic care management.
February 2015

Nonspecific symptoms may have a very specific cause

It's even become more common for patients to be able to consult with their primary care physicians via e-mail or other online methods. ... In College news, ACP's President, David A. Fleming, MD, MA, MACP, discusses the importance of our international
November 2014

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