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In women's health news, the CDC published data in MMWR on Jan. ... 7 supporting the safety of COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy. A retrospective cohort study of 46,079 pregnant women in the U.S.
January 2022

ACP revises advice on women's health

In terms of women's health, recent evidence-based ACP guidelines and advice attracted both pushback and praise from clinicians and patients. ... Our guideline is evidence-based.”. Lisa Larkin, MD, FACP, an internist trained in women's health through
September 2015

Current Issue | May 2022 Women's Health Providing long-term contraception By ...

More on mammography, breast cancer, misleading arguments, emotion and women's health

More on mammography, breast cancer, misleading arguments, emotion and women's health. ... The authors state that among 1,000 U.S. women age 50 years who are screened annually for a decade, “490 to 670 will have 1 false alarm.” But as detailed
May 2022

What defunding Planned Parenthood really means

For many women, Planned Parenthood may be the only place to receive reproductive health care near where they live. ... So defunding Planned Parenthood is really defunding women's health care. Period.
May 2022

Mammograms: find your sanity

The big story is that the American Cancer Society issued an updated guideline recommending that women undergo mammography less frequently than before. ... Preventive Services Task Force, which has the most heavily-weighted (and least stringent) screening
May 2022

Can we start using menopausal estrogen replacement again safely?

In 2002, at the height of an era of estrogen optimism, when physicians mostly believed that estrogen was good for every woman after menopause, the huge Women's Health Initiative study ... Such a large study was only possible through federal funding and
May 2022

Density of breasts, clarity of decisions

My aim here is not to advise you or the women in your life directly on the “right” answer. ... warranted. Nancy's efforts to expand access to information about, and options for, dense breast tissue cancer screening to all women rest not on recondite
May 2022

U.S. Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law was a victory for truth

I completely reject the law's supporters who have claimed that the 2013 state law was to preserve women's health. ... This was unadulterated mendacity. The law was not to protect women, but to limit abortions in Texas.
May 2022

Providing long-term contraception

Program directors' perceptions of resident education in women's health: a national survey. ... Women's health policy in the United States: an American College of Physicians position paper.
May 2022

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