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Genomics will aid primary care, with primary care's help

Genomics expert W. Gregory Feero, MD, PhD, interviews Eric Green, MD, PhD, the new director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, about the changing interface between genomics and medicine.
1 Apr 2010

Even rare inherited cancer syndromes lurk in your practice

Pop quiz: How many health care rating schemes are out there?.
1 May 2008

Personalized medicine with a genomic twist

Personalized medicine with a genomic twist.
1 Jan 2008

Fleshing out the debate over meat from cloned animals

Warnings, recalls, label changes, and approvals.
1 Mar 2008

Target unique genetic diseases through common pathways

Marfan syndrome may benefit from angiotension receptor blockers, just one example of how genetic diseases can be cured by available drugs instead of genetic cures, by W. Gregory Feero, MD, PhD.
1 Sep 2008

Tumors' shared pathways may hold key to cancer cures

The tremendous diversity of genetic alterations in cancer samples leads a governmental senior advisor to look for shared pathways among all tumors for a possible cure.
1 Mar 2009

Carrier screening makes risk-benefit analysis more complex

Donna Sweet, MACP.
1 Jun 2008

Simple family history acts as a genetic test for skin cancer

Melanoma rate shave been rising, and while genetic tests are available for high-risk patients, a family history is a better way to identify patients who need potentially life-saving surveillance.
1 Nov 2008

Unraveling autism's many causes, spread across the genome

Despite the 90% heritability of autism, suggesting a very strong genetic component to its etiology, zeroing in on the genetic underpinnings of this disorder has been very challenging.
1 Apr 2009

Genomics impacts everyday practices in unexpected ways

The hospitalization of a relative sets a leader in genomic research musing about how far medical practice has advanced in treating a common condition, and how far cutting-edge advances could go.
1 Jul 2009

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