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Med school debt becomes budgeting burden for primary care

A newly minted primary care physician graduates with a budget that leaves him or her $800 in the red each month. Compared to their subspecialist counterparts, the debt leaves primary care physicians feeling undervalued, especially since they value their work to be as hard and as important.
1 Jul 2011

Diversity of medical students by parental income

The American Association of Medical Colleges reported a recent rise in the number of medical school graduates who come from families with incomes in the highest quintile.
1 Apr 2008

Managing money for medical school

Medical students can expect to pay a median four-year bill of $250,222 for public and $330,180 for private education.
1 Feb 2019

Hospitalist doesn't hold back on blog about rural medicine

Theresa Chan, MD, really knows how to put her money where her mouth is.
1 Sep 2008

No easy fix for concussion diagnosis, management

This issue also covers medical school debt trends, changes to hospital payments, and how to construct a patient narrative.
1 Feb 2019

Letters to the Editor

ACP members take the organization to task for its positions on modifying reimbursement to doctors, and the organization's legislative leader offers a wider viewpoint on the issue in response.
1 Sep 2012

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