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To assess disparities in SGLT-2 inhibitor prescribing, researchers conducted a retrospective cohort study of commercially 934,737 insured U.S.
April 2021

Pandemic pinpoints racial, ethnic disparities

The virulence of COVID-19 has propelled already percolating discussions about racial disparities in health and racism in health care to the forefront. ... At least some of the answers might be found in other disparities identified in the NEJM analysis.
September 2020

A disparity you can do something about

A disparity you can do something about. Just about every week, a new study comes out reporting on health disparities between men and women, blacks and whites, etc. ... Control those conditions in young blacks and the disparity in heart failure should
May 2021

A fundamental health disparity is reduced

A fundamental health disparity is reduced. When we talk about disparities in health care, there are many: access to care; the costs of care; the quality of care; and of course, ... Perhaps no disparity is more stark than that revealed by a regional
May 2021

Procedure costs and physician income disparity

Procedure costs and physician income disparity. As an internist (yes I am a specialist, just not a subspecialist), I do no procedures. ... that the income disparity between those who financially benefit from procedures and those of us who “merely
May 2021

Humongous health care salary disparity is not OK

Humongous health care salary disparity is not OK. In 1980 I worked as a nurse's aid for a summer. ... Still. This is a ridiculous salary disparity. Here are some other numbers that are interesting:.
May 2021

Black & white

When we control for access to care, these differences in health outcomes are known to researchers and advocates as health care disparities.
May 2021

Yacht medicine

I've been having trouble finding quality medical care aboard my yacht lately. Thank goodness Guardian 24/7 is working tirelessly to fill t...
May 2021

May physician targeted performance payment finally receive its death knell

All told, evidence that P4P improves care is scant.”. “Worse, the authors found that the VM likely has exacerbated existing disparities in care. ... Likewise, the MIPS is not slated to account for SES or illness severity, so it also might exacerbate
May 2021

Heart failure, statins take center stage at AHA conference

Headphones can temporarily deactivate a defibrillator.”. Several studies looked at disparities in care. ... Another study offered a speck of hope in the usual dismal news about racial disparities.
February 2009

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