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New year brings big, small changes to practice administration

1, 2010 thru Dec. 31, 2010), internists should continue to use CPT 90658 for flu vaccines; however, code 90658 should not be billed in conjunction with Q codes.
February 2011

Corona COVID-19 facts for you

Q: I have a sore throat and cough. Why can't I get tested? ... Q: Why should I wash my hands and wipe down surfaces with bleach?
June 2020

Should you eat or skip breakfast?

A late breakfast and dinner generally does it for me. Q: Since all breakfast foods are obviously not created equal, what are some good choices- and why? ... Q: How much about breakfast is true for everyone, and how much of the valid lore should be
June 2020

A JAMA briefing on comparative effectiveness and helicopters that allows time for questions

A concluding note:. I appreciated the time allotted for Q&A after the first 3 research presentations. ... For the future, at places like TEDMED, where I've heard there was no attempt to allow for Q&A, the audience's concerns can reveal problems in
June 2020

Narrowing the focus on fibromyalgia

See ACP Internist's Q&A with Frederick Wolfe for more in this vein.) Physicians shouldn't reinforce patients' perceptions that they are sick, he argued.
June 2020

QD: News Every Day--Election 2010

Reuters has published a Q&A on what the election results could mean for the health care reform law.
June 2020

Useless charts and fresh eyes in handoffs

In the vibrant Q&A that followed (and continued via e-mail), one of the things the medical students brought up asked me about something I said is sometimes bad in
June 2020

Dealing with dementia, Q&As on COVID-19

Q&As in this issue discuss some of them. Telemedicine expert and former ACP President Ana María López, MD, MPH, MACP, outlines how telehealth can be used to care for patients
May 2020

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT It will come as no surprise to ...

Q: When physicians do choose to enterprimary care, how do you think they dealwith these financial constraints? ... Q: How should such financial incentives bestructured—reduced debt, higher salaries? A: Dr.
June 2011

Genes, environment hold the keys to healthy aging

They're fighting their genes and not taking advantage of them. Q: What about living beyond age 100? ... Q: What is the utility in studying people who live to be older than 100?
May 2017

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