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What to expect when volunteering in war-torn regions

example. Q: What were the care settings that you worked in while overseas? ... Q: How long were you overseas with each mission? A: Usually about three months.
March 2017

Where are we now with breast cancer screening?

Some biopsy specimens are just really challenging to characterize. Q: You have published prior papers that questioned the reliability of breast cancer screening with mammograms. ... Q: Slightly off topic: Angelina Jolie just followed up her prophylactic
July 2019

Should you eat or skip breakfast?

A late breakfast and dinner generally does it for me. Q: Since all breakfast foods are obviously not created equal, what are some good choices- and why? ... Q: How much about breakfast is true for everyone, and how much of the valid lore should be
July 2019

Genes, environment hold the keys to healthy aging

They're fighting their genes and not taking advantage of them. Q: What about living beyond age 100? ... Q: What is the utility in studying people who live to be older than 100?
May 2017

A JAMA briefing on comparative effectiveness and helicopters that allows time for questions

A concluding note:. I appreciated the time allotted for Q&A after the first 3 research presentations. ... For the future, at places like TEDMED, where I've heard there was no attempt to allow for Q&A, the audience's concerns can reveal problems in
July 2019

Narrowing the focus on fibromyalgia

See ACP Internist's Q&A with Frederick Wolfe for more in this vein.) Physicians shouldn't reinforce patients' perceptions that they are sick, he argued.
July 2019

QD: News Every Day--Election 2010

Reuters has published a Q&A on what the election results could mean for the health care reform law.
July 2019

Meat, potatoes, and mortality

Meat, potatoes, and mortality. Q: When are car crash fatalities more likely: when a population has more cars and drives more, or when a population has fewer cars and drives less?
July 2019

Click here for important new guidelines!

Q-tips are bad. ("Inappropriate or harmful interventions are cotton-tipped swabs, oral jet irrigators, and ear candling.").
July 2019

Useless charts and fresh eyes in handoffs

In the vibrant Q&A that followed (and continued via e-mail), one of the things the medical students brought up asked me about something I said is sometimes bad in
July 2019

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