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Merger memories and abiding realities

Several of the issues that ACP is championing in 2018 live up to a vision created 20 years ago, when the organization merged with the American Society of Internal Medicine.
1 Jul 2018

ACP and American Medical Women's Association announce affiliate membership agreement

ACP and the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) have announced an affiliate membership agreement whereby ACP members can become AMWA Affiliate Members as part of their ACP membership at no additional charge.
16 Sep 2014

Avoidance of estrogen caused excess deaths in hysterectomized women

After publication of the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), estrogen use declined significantly among women aged 50 to 59, likely resulting in avoidable deaths of those who had hysterectomies, a recent analysis found.
30 Jul 2013

Guideline issued on androgen therapy in women

The Endocrine Society released an updated clinical practice guideline on androgen therapy in women.
21 Oct 2014

Gender gap increases women's heart risks

Nearly half the time, the first clue a physician gets that a woman has heart disease is that she drops dead. Updated guidelines now dictate physicians should first screen for a woman's risk factors for heart disease by age 20.
1 Nov 2008

Start-up practice uses ACP's marketing guides for quick growth

Leslie Saltzman, ACP Member, took advantage of some resources on hand and guidance from ACP's Running a Practice section to quickly grow her solo practice into a full-service resource for women's health.
1 Apr 2010

Chest radiation in girls with Wilms tumor may increase breast cancer risk in adulthood

Girls who receive chest radiation for pulmonary metastases from Wilms tumor, a childhood kidney cancer, may be at higher risk for breast cancer later in life, a new study reports.
28 Oct 2014

Screening for lung cancer can be easier said than done

This issue also covers sexual harassment in medicine, women's health, and reducing alcohol-related traffic fatalities.
1 May 2018

Smoking associated with PAD in women, even decades after stopping

Smoking significantly increased the risk for symptomatic peripheral artery disease in women in a dose-dependent manner. While quitting reduces risk, it remains elevated compared with women who never smoked.
7 Jun 2011

Hormone therapy stirs debate 10 years after WHI

The Women's Health Initiative dramatically decreased hormone therapy for menopause, but 10 years later, the “knee-jerk” reaction has become more nuanced in how the regimen can be used.
1 Sep 2012

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