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Treat metabolic syndrome's many components

Bauman, medical director for women's health and community relations at Integris Health Inc. ... in Oklahoma City, and a spokesperson for the AHA's “Go Red for Women” initiative, which focuses on fighting heart disease in women.
March 2011

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACPINTERNIST Internal Medicine 2013, held in April ...

In addition, we won a Bronze EXCEL Award from Association Media & Publishingfor Stacey Butterfield’s September 2012 cover story on hormone replacement therapy 10years after the Women’s Health Initiative, which ... See Crossed Words, page 19, for
May 2013

QD: News Every Day--British women would trade lifespan for better bodies

College-aged women in the UK say they would trade longevity for an ideal body weight. ... 320 women studying at 20 British universities (ages 18-65; average, 24.49) completed a survey in March.
June 2020

Readers weigh in on ACP's meaning, ‘nonspecific’ back pain

Like many other foreign medical grads, we had limited access to top-tier programs in the U.S. ... I still remember some of the memorable Opening Ceremonies, like in 2001 in Atlanta, where the keynote speaker addressed women's health issues, and the year
July 2018

Experts debate pros, cons of vitamin D

nation's health. ... The Women's Health Initiative, which included a controlled trial of vitamin D taken together with calcium, found a 17% increased risk of kidney stones in the women who were taking
November 2009

QD: News Every Day--Vitamins shouldn't be routine for older women

Researchers applied results from 38,772 older women in the Iowa Women's Health Study, which used self-reported supplement use in 1986, 1997 and 2004. ... A better investment in health would be eating more fruits and vegetables, among other activities.
June 2020

Changing antibiotic prescribing not a one-step process

Stacey Butterfield takes a look at the state of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) 10 years after the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) trial was halted. ... In addition, clinicians and researchers continue to debate the relevance of the WHI trial to
September 2012

Encourage earlier mammograms for women with a family history of breast cancer

This post by Ramona Bates, MD, appeared at Get Better Health, a network of popular health bloggers brought together by Val Jones, MD. ... Better Health's mission is to support and promote health care professional bloggers, provide insightful and
June 2020

Nominees named for ACP Officers and Regent positions

Women's health task Force, 1995-1997; Postgraduate Education Subcommittee, 1994-1996;. ... Strengths, based on training and experience: Women's health, addiction/alcohol. Present position: Associate Dean of the Humanities and Bioethics, University of
November 2008

Ovarian cancer screening has no value

This is bad news because every year over 21,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. ... Additionally they found a high number of false positive tests and 15% of women with false positives suffered serious complications of surgery.
June 2020

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