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QD: News Every Day--British women would trade lifespan for better bodies

College-aged women in the UK say they would trade longevity for an ideal body weight. ... 320 women studying at 20 British universities (ages 18-65; average, 24.49) completed a survey in March.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Statins cleared on cognition and cancer, but cataracts a concern

Finally, the Women’s Health Initiative investigated the relationship between statins and diabetes, and while it had some limitations, it reported an association between statins and diabetes.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Women know to call 911 for stroke, but may not know the warning signs

QD: News Every Day--Women know to call 911 for stroke, but may not know the warning signs. ... women identified through random-digit dialing. The women were asked open-ended questions about signs, symptoms and what to do next.
November 2019

Mammograms are not as awesome as we said they were

Women’s health centers at hospitals are primarily about mammograms and breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. ... But what about the Canadian study published in February? This looked at women aged 40-59 who were screened with either clinical
November 2019

Considering the risks and benefits of birth control options

I'm a big fan of oral contraceptives. They contributed to women's liberation by giving us a reliable method of planning, delaying, or avoiding pregnancy. ... Better Health's mission is to support and promote health care professional bloggers, provide
November 2019

Mindful Medicine: Don't confuse correlation with causation

A recent case in point is the discrepancy between the conclusions of the observational Nurses' Health Study and the placebo-controlled Women's Health Initiative (WHI) regarding the risks and benefits ... Results from the observational Nurses' Health
July 2008

Targeting rural health scholars keeps doctors in Kansas

The medical school's Scholars in Rural Health program identifies promising potential medical students during their freshman and sophomore years of undergraduate coursework. ... Dr. Neil completed her residency in Madison, Wisc., and then a fellowship in
September 2010

Four days in May

Here's a rundown. ACP's Health and Public Policy Committee met to develop policy recommendations to the College's Board of Regents on social determinants of health, barriers to ... s health, the gender pay gap affecting female physicians, hate crimes as
July 2017

Rural prevention efforts face specific hurdles

ACP has issued guidance in several areas of women's health over the past year, including pelvic exams, cervical cancer screening, and breast cancer screening. ... recommendations, such as that against annual pelvic screening exams in asymptomatic, average
September 2015

Gardasil is good

Types 6 and 11 cause most genital warts, and while warts don't lead to cancer, they are certainly a public health problem. ... It is simply a collection of people's stories and health officials try to follow up on them to see if they have any merit.
November 2019

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