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Prevention as a prescription for cancer

help patients implement lifestyle changes that uniformly have significantly enhanced their sense of well-being. ... These are simple and life-changing interventions with potentially profound impact on well-being, disease prevention, and health care costs.
September 2018

Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 comes home to Philly

Also free at the center will be a series of curated microlectures on physician well-being topics, as well as visual diagnosis programming that will test interpretation of electrocardiograms and dermatologic ... Five speakers will each present a topic in
March 2019

Physician drug testing

The mission statement of the CMA is: “Promoting the science and art of medicine, the care and well-being of patients, the protection of the public health and the betterment of
May 2022

Heavy on my soul

Call me when you can. Alanna is not well. She wanted me to update you.”. ... I thought of how someone had told me about how, even in her ICU bed, she checked on the well-being of the physicians involved in her care.
May 2022

What health is for

These all borrow from pleasure and contribute to it as well, but are all distinct. ... Despite an obscuring fog of boisterous bickering, there is no one diet you must adopt to profit your well-being.
May 2022

Probiotics actually work

Before you say “ewww,” let's look at the science and why the right bacteria is essential for our well-being.
May 2022

Physicians as caregivers balance professional, personal roles

In this case, I tried to follow ethical guidelines to the extent that I could while still being involved in what was going on with his care,” said Dr. ... Jokela. Physicians often do not follow the advice they give their own patients about taking care
November 2020

Help your future colleagues

A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong.
May 2022

Tackling gender disparities from the ground up

Dr. Lin, who is in private practice in San Diego and is an ACP Well-being Champion, said that the 17 strangers she was introduced to at the first in-person ... Lin said. “It's given us a new set of tools to collaborate with those around us, and also
September 2019

No easy fix for concussion diagnosis, management

More students have been graduating without carrying any debt, although the reasons for this are unclear, and the structure of some loan forgiveness programs is being reconsidered. ... Framing diagnosis and treatment to try to get to the root causes of
February 2019

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