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High-dose vitamin D does not reduce COPD exacerbations, study finds

Supplementation with high doses of vitamin D did not reduce exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in most patients in a small new study.
24 Jan 2012

Guidelines offer 28 recommendations for initial management, secondary prevention of DVT and PE

Among other recommendations, the new guidelines from the American Society of Hematology suggest offering home treatment to low-risk patients with deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE).
20 Oct 2020

Managing Alzheimer's disease when options are limited

Primary care physicians can expect to diagnose an increasing number of patients with Alzheimer's disease as the U.S. population ages. While clinicians have been more successful in diagnosing the disease early, effective treatments or prevention options are more scarce.
1 Mar 2016

Vitamin B12 declines in patients taking metformin

MKSAP Quiz: weight loss, heat intolerance and tremor
25 May 2010

MKSAP Quiz: Painful rash occurring bilaterally

A 32-year-old woman is evaluated for a painful rash occurring bilaterally on her lower extremities, which began 2 days ago. She was admitted to the hospital 5 days ago for diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism with heparin and warfarin. Her father had a pulmonary embolism after a long airplane ride. Following a physical exam and lab studies, what is the most likely diagnosis?
1 Feb 2019

Very elderly patients can benefit from well-managed vitamin K antagonist thromboprophylaxis, study suggests

Adequate management of vitamin K antagonist (VKA) therapy in trained centers allowed very old and frail patients to benefit from VKA thromboprophylaxis, an Italian study concluded.
9 Aug 2011

Vitamin E may slow functional decline in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease

Taking 2,000 IU of vitamin E daily slowed functional decline and reduced caregiver time in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, a study found.
7 Jan 2014

Setting a course for food as medicine

Culinary medicine is a growing, evidence-based movement that brings the “food is medicine” philosophy to medical education and beyond.
1 Jun 2018

MKSAP Quiz: Perioperative evaluation for hip arthroplasty

A 52-year-old woman undergoes perioperative evaluation. She has osteoarthritis of the right hip since sustaining injuries in a motor vehicle accident 15 years ago and is scheduled for elective hip arthroplasty in the next few months. Following a physical exam and lab studies, what is the most appropriate test to perform next?
11 Feb 2020

Doctors with borders

What parameters determine ACP's responsibility to speak out on what is right and wrong, set guidelines, offer guidance, and articulate policy on behalf of internal medicine?
1 Mar 2018

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