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Vitamin D did not lower fracture risk in generally healthy patients, study finds

A new analysis of a large trial found no difference in total fractures, nonvertebral fractures, or hip fractures by whether men 50 years of age or older and women 55 years of age or older were randomized to vitamin D or placebo.
2 Aug 2022

Improving celiac disease diagnosis

Celiac disease should be part of the differential diagnosis for several classic clinical presentations, but atypical symptoms, including constipation, can cause doctors to overlook some patients.
1 Feb 2023

MKSAP Quiz: Evaluation for acute cystitis

A 26-year-old woman is evaluated for acute cystitis of 2 days' duration. She is pregnant at 10 weeks' gestation. Following a physical exam and dipstick urinalysis, what is the most appropriate management?
11 Jul 2023

5 key takeaways from vaping crisis

The electronic cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) crisis has reached critical mass, sending thousands to the hospital and sometimes proving fatal.
1 Mar 2020

CDC updates guidance on COVID-19, studies show vitamins don't improve outcomes

The CDC offered new guidance on immunocompromised patients and pulse oximetry's accuracy, and recent trials showed that vitamin D, zinc, and ascorbic acid didn't help COVID-19 patients but prophylactic anticoagulation did.
23 Feb 2021

Experts debate pros, cons of vitamin D

An obscure nutrient is now being hailed as a link to prevention of diseases as disparate as diabetes, schizophrenia, cancer, strokes and heart attacks. Experts square off on how much vitamin D can be associated with illnesses, the proper amount that people should get, and how they can get it.
1 Nov 2009

Task Force finds insufficient evidence to recommend for or against routine vitamin D screening

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force found insufficient evidence to assess the benefits and harms of screening for vitamin D deficiency in asymptomatic, community-dwelling, nonpregnant adults.
25 Nov 2014

Vitamin E acetate linked to vaping-associated lung injury

The total number of reported vaping-associated lung injury cases mounted to 2,172, the CDC found vitamin E acetate in biologic samples for the first time, and authors of an observational study of vaping-related illness emphasized that patients may present with flu-like and abdominal symptoms.
19 Nov 2019

The ‘truth’ about vitamin D

A round-up of this issue's articles on vitamin D, irritable bowel syndrome and the consequences of an uncertain diagnosis.
1 Nov 2009

Off-label dosing of non-vitamin K anticoagulants associated with worse outcomes

Overdosing with non-vitamin K anticoagulants was associated with increased all-cause mortality compared with recommended doses, while underdosing was associated with increased risk of cardiovascular hospitalization.
20 Dec 2016

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