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QI project helps raise vaccination rates

With patients likely to decline all vaccinations, of any kind, due mainly to concerns about safety or adverse effects, physicians opted to work with ACP's “I Raise the Rates” initiative as a quality improvement project.
February 2018

An individual effort to smooth transitions

A multicomponent intervention to smooth hospital discharges back into primary care involved a personal visit to every hospitalized patient.
September 2017

How to say no

In our cover story, Charlotte Huff looks at how doctors can consider testing and treatment requests and refuse those that are inappropriate without harming the doctor-patient relationship. ... For details on a group visit approach to managing
March 2011

Urban health residencies aim to create primary care leaders

Two residency tracks at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore focus specifically on urban primary care.
September 2018

Meeting baby boomers' high expectations

Our story explains how to manage myalgia in statin-treated patients by pinpointing the cause and then adjusting therapy accordingly. ... A Success Story details a novel model that uses principles of chronic disease management to help improve rates of
July 2012

Big data offers information, but as yet few answers

Our story in this issue looks at the pros and cons of big data, what's happening in this area now, and what could, and what probably won't, happen in ... Elsewhere in the issue, a Success Story profiles two residency tracks at Johns Hopkins University in
September 2018

Influencing the details of health reform so internists get paid

The remarkable PCIP success story shows why ACP can't just pay attention to the forest, but also must nurture and protect the trees of health reform to the benefit of
January 2011

Options vary for acute pain management

Read our story for more on how physicians are working to bring medicine back to the bedside. ... Also on the subject of vaccines, a Success Story discusses how one primary care clinic in Florida improved its rates of influenza and pneumococcal
February 2018

Beyond counting sheep, helping patients sleep

Our story describes the characteristics of CAWP along with some classic features, including pain location and Carnett's sign. ... And in keeping with the transitions of care theme, a Success Story details how one nurse practitioner launched a program to
September 2017

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