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QD: News Every Day--Head-to-head headlines consider health care reform

Newspapers touching on similar points about health care reform's impact on the primary care shortage cast vastly different headline on what ...
April 2020

Stewardship, stewardship, stewardship

I'm currently on the inpatient medicine service and have even been harassed by the antimicrobial stewardship team (humor), so I only have a moment to briefly highlight three can't ... 3) Nick Daneman and colleagues in Ontario examined antibiotic use and
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Primary care shortage worsening across the country

Rural areas of California are seeing a graying of their physician population, with 30% older than 60, and younger doctors aren't taking their place. ... And despite dedicated rural recruitment programs, or in some cases just a dedicated resident trying
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Doctors still wary of accepting Medicaid patients

In the survey, among 3,109 U.S. members (no students or associates) practicing entirely or primarily outpatient medicine who responded, 34.1% were no longer accepting Medicaid patients.
April 2020

How does Tanzania take care of its people?

Janice Boughton, MD, ACP Member, practiced in the Seattle area for four years and in rural Idaho for 17 years before deciding to take a few years off to see more ... places, learn more about medicine and increase her knowledge base and perspective by
April 2020

Targeting rural health scholars keeps doctors in Kansas

Dr. Sinclair is the type of doctor that the Scholars in Rural Health program, University of Kansas School of Medicine–Wichita and the state have worked hard to recruit, nurture, train ... The university and the state are building a strong track record
September 2010

Primary care shortage expected to worsen

Others have suggested shortening the residency time. Both are terrible ideas for our population as medicine is becoming more complicated, not less. ... The inequities are just too large. --Allow even higher reimbursement for primary care doctors who
April 2020

Rural hospitals fewer and farther between

But rural hospitals fill a vital niche, because they are usually more than 35 miles or more from the nearest health care facility. ... Smaller and rural hospitals just don't fit in this brave new world.
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--GME education should shift to places where patients seek care, report says

outcomes, and offers insufficient opportunities to train physicians in the health care settings used by most Americans, the Institute of Medicine said in a press release. ... Training opportunities are highly concentrated in specific geographic regions
April 2020

Doctors adapting and trying to survive

Whether you live in a big city or a rural community, small practices are dissolving as fast as Alka Selzer. ... The world of medicine has changed. Health care reform is rewarding integrated care and this will be good for patients and quality.
April 2020

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