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Treatment guidelines offered for painful diabetic neuropathy

New expert guidelines on treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy have evaluated the evidence base and identified some recommended medications.
19 Apr 2011

Finesse required to treat anxiety in the elderly

Elderly patients may have many concerns on their mind. Maintaining their independence and managing their finances are two. But when does worry become anxiety? And how can internists not only manage chronic diseases but also ensure that patients are able to care for themselves?.
1 Jan 2013

Thoracic meeting features research on pulmonary diseases and ICU

Thoracic meeting features research on pulmonary diseases and ICUVitamin B12 declines in patients taking metformin
25 May 2010

‘Year of the Lung’ draws attention to COPD, asthma

Chronic respiratory disease is projected to be the third most common cause of death by 2020, but it currently underestimated. This year's American Thoracic Society meeting focuses on issues to bring them to the attention of the rest of the medical community.
1 Jul 2010

Letter to the Editor

A reader reacts to ethics surrounding civilian and war-time prisoner containment.
1 Sep 2008

How to handle talking politics with patients

While physicians should not inflict their political opinions on patients, how this plays out in the exam room depends on the doctor.
1 Sep 2013

Follow the changes to Medicare coding edits for early 2009

CMS will publish some previously unreleased medically unlikely edits, which had made it nearly impossible for physicians to know whether the billed number of services resulted in denied charges without a specific reason.
1 Feb 2009

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACPINTERNIST Major guidelines on hypertension released last ...

Another inside feature in this issue offers internists tips on how to help patients getthe most out of referrals to physical rehab. ... Rehab medicine specialists advise that earlyreferral is usually better, since patients’ functional status tends to decline over time.Physical rehab can also be of great benefit for neurological conditions and back
25 Mar 2014

Figure 2. Management of low back pain (LBP). LBP ...

Intensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. •. 22. N. N. N. Y. Y.
18 Sep 2013

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT Until now, the InternationalClassification of Diseases, TenthRevision, ...

percutaneous transluminal angio-plasty,. cardiac output monitoring by tho-racic electrical bioimpedance,. intensive cardiac rehabilitation pro-grams,.
23 May 2013

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