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Learn how to plan a medical volunteering trip overseas

A: HVO has internal medicine sites in Cambodia, Uganda, Bhutan, India and Peru. ... Q: Do volunteers typically bring their families along? A: A great majority of sites are very family-friendly.
April 2012

Former EVP/CEO reflects on his tenure at the College

Q: How has ACP changed along with internal medicine? A: I think that our positions and our advocacy efforts have been addressing some of the new areas that I just mentioned, ... To me, the dirty 4-letter word in health care is “time.” In many ways, I
November 2016

Clinical reasoning now a ‘foundational basic science’

Q: Is the idea of teaching clinical reasoning as a topic fairly new? ... and give the students a heads-up on how it's going to work.
November 2015

Delving into DynaMed Plus

Q: What is the distinction between DynaMed and DynaMed Plus? A: Dr. ... Although DynaMed Plus has a significant history and a track record already, serving needs for more than 140,000 [ACP member] internists is something new for them, so this will be
September 2015

There is a doctor in the ‘House’ (and she's an ACP Member)

Q: How do some of these medical mysteries translate to a TV audience? ... There are some things that are true about “House.” First, it's a whole idea that a diagnosis is a process and a difficult process.
March 2010

Smallest practices successfully preventing readmissions

Q: Were you surprised by the results? A: Yes and no. ... Q: You also looked at the association between payment incentives and admission rates.
March 2015

Expert explains thyroid diagnosis, treatment and common red flags

Q: When should a primary care physician refer a thyroid patient to an endocrinologist? ... If the patient has a couple of abnormal TSH levels and a family history of autoimmune thyroid disease, it'd be appropriate to order an anti-thyroid antibody panel
January 2010

Finances can offer clues to cognitive problems

The study also examined the timing between the adverse financial events and a dementia diagnosis. ... Q: The editorial that accompanied your study mentioned using artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to find financial problems.
May 2022

Risk of financial abuse in elders should draw internists' attention

Q: Do you know which way the cause-and-effect works in that association? ... It's a two-hour course with an information card that's available for physicians and nurse practitioners.
July 2012

What does a doctor look like?

Q: What happened for the rest of the flight? A: My goal was to focus on the patient because she still seemed to be quite rigid and anxious. ... Q: Why do you carry your medical license with you? A: I don't blend, and I don't intend to blend to conform to
April 2019

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