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In Haiti, flawed health care infrastructure complicates rebuilding Internists help pick up the pieces in Haiti, a country facing a public health crisis following a devastating earthquake. ... Before the earthquake, Haiti's health infrastructure was already borderline
May 2010

How to handle talking politics with patients

Noting that physicians have an obligation to provide “expert advice to society on matters of health” and to “advance public health, and encourage access to care for all individuals,” the authors ... Even when the domain of the doctor's opinion is
September 2013

Shared visits improve access, productivity and satisfaction

disease self-management skills, and he wanted to integrate the help and support of other patients (plus a multidisciplinary care delivery team) into his health care. ... The larger health care systems did them first, followed by mid-sized systems, the VA
October 2009

Courage, sacrifice, and internal medicine—a year in review

We are master diagnosticians in addition to practicing disease prevention and population health. ... Perhaps you could run for federal, state, or local office, or set public health policy at the state and national level.
April 2017

Guidance limited for treating acute pain

Even so, doctors should guard against becoming totally “opioid phobic” amid public health and other pressures, including the proliferation of state prescribing laws, said Daniel Alford, MD, FACP, a professor of ... an elbow sprain, or sudden knee
February 2018

Remote monitoring: Out of sight, right in line

Through phone, broadband or wireless service, the equipment is connected to a monitoring health care provider. ... In chronic disease, there's a premium on monitoring patients and getting them involved in self-management,” said Harlan Krumholz, MD, a
March 2010

Member spotlight

She was a regent from 1999-2005. He husband, Richard Schuster, FACP, accepted a faculty appointment as a Professor in the new College of Public Health at the University of Georgia ... to develop a Center for Global Health Systems, Management, and Policy.
November 2008

A 2-pronged approach to advance care planning

It's really a gift the patient gives them.”. Mary Butler, PhD, MBA, assistant professor of health policy and management at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in Minneapolis, ... Written advance directives include living wills and the
September 2015

After the election, a time for reflection

Fixing tort reform with no-fault health courts and safe harbors for following evidence-based practice guidelines. ... I think these are issues that involve the doctor-patient relationship and public health.
January 2017

ACP's vision for U.S. health care, 20 months later

Finally, ACP advocated that public health be informed by science and not politicized. ... The Biden administration and Congress have taken important steps to restore confidence in science and in public health and to mitigate the health impacts of climate
September 2021

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