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What if? A New Year's public health reverie

The case for the power of the possible in public health isand data-driven. ... As public health philosopher-king, such empowerment would be my job. I would eradicate tobacco use.
July 2020

States aim to limit opioid prescriptions

Prescribing limits are usually part of more comprehensive state opioid laws, which incorporate other clinical and public health strategies. ... Abraham noted. Doctors and legislators in several other states have similarly wrestled with the balancing act
October 2016

Clearing the air about climate change

Climate change is a public health issue, and physicians should be aware of the potential medical consequences and be able to communicate those to patients. ... sciences at the University of Washington's School of Public Health in Seattle.
September 2016


Public Health Service tropical medicine fellowship Duke's International Center for Medical Research and Training in San Jose, Costa Rica. ... After retiring from his medical practice, he continued to work in public health as a visiting professor to the
March 2020

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

on racial and ethnic disparities in health care and on hate crimes as a public health issue. ... The policy paper was written by ACP's Health and Public Policy Committee, which addresses issues that affect the health care of the U.S.
July 2020

CDC seeks more testing for ‘huge uptick’ in HCV incidence

November at the American Public Health Association's annual meeting in Chicago. ... And it was a cost-effectiveness analysis we did that indicates if we can get prices below $30,000, it would make public health sense to treat everyone.”.
January 2016

Keep up with vaccine recommendations

Persistence is crucial to convey the personal and public health benefit, said Dr. ... Compliance with other vaccines also remains relatively static, according to the MMWR's analysis of the 2011 National Health Interview Survey.
September 2013

HIV prophylaxis means discussing sex, drugs with patients

For me, there is this secret public health piece that if you have less seroconversion, you are going to have less forward transmission, and that may impact the dynamics of the ... U.S. Public Health Service.
September 2014

Experts debate pros, cons of vitamin D

That's in addition to the better-known effects of vitamin D on bone health. ... We're talking about people going to tanning booths.”. Dr. Atkinson agreed that the public health message on vitamin D and sun exposure needs refinement.
November 2009

Warnings on power cords, asthma drugs, diabetes supplies

A public health notification that GDH-PQQ test strips do not distinguish between types of sugars and may falsely indicate hyperglycemia in patients eating products containing non-glucose sugars such as ... A public health alert on potential dosing errors
November 2009

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