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Gun violence is a public health issue

Gun violence is a public health issue. The horrific massacre in Las Vegas hit the nation like an avalanche. ... Indeed, having a deep suspicion and healthy mistrust of government is something uniquely American (also relevant to the health care debate).
October 2021

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP is concerned by reports that public health officials and experts across the country are being harassed due to their recommendations on combating the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Health officials should not be subject to threats for merely doing their jobs,
September 2020

Public health for nincompoops

Public health for nincompoops. Consistency, it is said, is the mark of a true champion. ... When it comes to public health policy, we are a pack of utter nincompoops.
October 2021

Freedom versus control in a private vs. public health care system

Freedom versus control in a private vs. public health care system. ... city. The system Down Under is an interesting mix of both public and private health care, but still with a solid government-run backbone for people who really can't afford
October 2021

A new vision for health care

A: We have certainly undervalued public health and primary care over the past two decades. ... The COVID crisis has pointed out and underscored the total underinvestment in public health.
July 2020

Public health and personal responsibilities

Public health and personal responsibilities. We are never alone. If you would, please hold that thought. ... Public health is for the public, and is best advanced by the collective efforts of the public.
October 2021

Managing superbugs in your community

They also need to have good links with the public health system for reporting and surveillance.". ... The WHO received pushback from the public health community for leaving TB off its priority list.
May 2017

Measles: Back to the future of public health

If measles does make a meaningful comeback, it would imply public health is sliding back as we head into the future. ... Otherwise, we may well go back, instead of forward, to the future of public health, and pay, quite literally, with some of our lives.
October 2021

States aim to limit opioid prescriptions

Prescribing limits are usually part of more comprehensive state opioid laws, which incorporate other clinical and public health strategies. ... Abraham noted. Doctors and legislators in several other states have similarly wrestled with the balancing act
October 2016

Public health and the illusion of your autonomy: Kill the umpire?

I won't speak for my friends and colleagues in public health, although I suspect they feel the same; I'll just speak for myself. ... We needn't wade into the weeds about scruples, but let's acknowledge the resource inequity in public health.
October 2021

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