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Opioid contracts for chronic pain patients threaten the doctor-patient relationship

Opioid contracts for chronic pain patients threaten the doctor-patient relationship. A contract is an agreement stipulating the rights and obligations of the signatories. ... I learned recently about the existence of opioid contracts, an agreement
January 2022

Changing patient behavior with two power words

That assumes of course a trusting relationship between patient and physician (but that's a topic for another day.). ... Reasons included lack of time, visit was for acute problem, patient had previously declined or forget.
January 2022

Do you need a patient advocate?

I wish I could write that physicians all share the highest ethos of patient advocacy. ... The patient I saw was ailing and elderly. She had many chronic medical conditions.
January 2022

True emergencies

1. The patient calls, and listens to all 21 options (as the menu items have changed). ... But what if it’s a “true emergency” and the patient takes option 6?
January 2022

Understand patient expectations as part of a negotiation

Your Doctor: A Patient's Guide to Communication in the Exam Room and Beyond.” But the message isn't just for patients, he cautioned; the physician has a role in the ... Q: What are the systemic barriers to doctor-patient communication? A: Time.
July 2014

Letters to the Editor

the quality of physician-patient communication, turning a narrative into a checklist. ... An effective therapeutic relationship involves transference/countertransference, employing body language and other nonverbal forms of communication.
April 2012

Easing screens for intimate partner violence

It often takes time for a patient to develop trust in a clinician. ... When we address [these] issues, we are really addressing the patient's health.”.
October 2020

Taking a drink: what patients should know

The discussion should change for any patient with a strong family history of cancer or with increased risk of cancer. ... For each individual, it should be based on that patient's personal medical history, their preferences and values, their family
January 2013

Who pays for medical malpractice litigation?

odds are, they will tell you, "A lot!" While the degree may vary depending on your specialty, your years in practice, your patient clientele, your prior malpractice history, and the anecdotes ... In one case, a patient was told she needed a test because
January 2022

Physicians should love patients and families using Google

I did see an online patient comeback to the above meme that goes like this: ”Don't confuse your one-hour lecture on my condition with my 20 years of living
January 2022

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