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Listening to our patients

LRZ reinforced the importance of listening to the patient before we develop our plans. ... LRZ taught me to listen to the patient before developing our plan and before pontificating.
May 2022

Twitter: a medical help, hindrance or hype?

We talked to the patient and told them it wouldn't really interfere with the surgery.”. ... Pho said. A lot of Twitter communication occurs among bloggers, noted Robert J.
April 2009

I love you x 3

We call admissions “soft” when someone was on the fence about whether or not to keep the patient hospitalized or send them home. ... person. This patient was pretty quiet so it wasn't exactly the easiest thing in the world.
May 2022

ACP Internist: Blog Log

His research interests include doctor-patient communication, bioethics, and systematic reviews. ... Perencevich, MD, ACP Member, are infectious diseases physicians and health care epidemiologists who divide their time among patient care, research,
May 2022

On delivering bad news

It is fashionable nowadays to speak of the doctor-patient relationship as a partnership. ... The patient and the doctor come to the encounter with completely opposite attitudes.
May 2022

"It's their dying; not yours."

Dr. Schumann is Interim President of the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical practice and to improve the patient experience.
May 2022

Is informed consent overrated?

Is informed consent overrated? Physicians now practice in the era of patient autonomy. ... What is your decision?”. Not an easy labyrinth for a normal patient to navigate through.
May 2022

Occam's Razor burn

The rash vanishes and the patient’s color returns to a healthy pink glow. ... Patient: “For the past 6 months I’ve gotten more and more tired.
May 2022

Obtaining the HPI, a #meded opportunity

Then after lunch we had one more admission. A student presented the story, and then I took the intern and two students to see the patient. ... This includes body language, reading the patient, and stressing details. We should understand that patients
May 2022

My turning point

Fortunately for me and my patients, my new office is centered on communication, not documentation.
May 2022

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