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5 reasons communication is so often suboptimal in health care

It would be wonderful to spend an hour with every patient, but that ain't realistically going to happen. ... Simple common sense answers lie at the heart of most of our communication deficits in the trenches.
May 2022

There will be patients like this

She's a widow in her early 70s who has been my patient for around 20 years. ... The opposite kind of patient, the ones who somehow find ways to get under my skin, pose an equal threat.
May 2022

Health care information technology: new rules

During any patient encounter, refuse to spend more time looking at a computer screen rather than them. ... Whenever you can, stand up and do whatever you need to, and get right back to where you should be—with your patient.
May 2022

Imagine you were treating that VIP celebrity

Imagine you were treating that VIP celebrity. A few weeks ago, I was giving a day-long seminar in California on improving communication skills, optimizing the patient experience, and how this ... However you do it, keep on imaging every patient is your
May 2022

CDC advises cloth masks for everyone. Why now?

Dr. Kirsch is a full time practicing physician and writer who addresses the joys and challenges of medical practice, including controversies in the doctor-patient relationship, medical ethics and measuring medical
May 2022

Direct patient care time is a moral problem as much as a practical one

Direct patient care time is a moral problem as much as a practical one. ... Whatever we can do to tip the scale back towards patient care, must be done.
May 2022

That 'old-school' physician that we should all be like

The patient, elderly herself and hard of hearing, wasn't able to give me a complete history. ... A solid physician with great clinical skills and highly respected by both the patient and their family.
May 2022

Taking a drink: what patients should know

The discussion should change for any patient with a strong family history of cancer or with increased risk of cancer. ... For each individual, it should be based on that patient's personal medical history, their preferences and values, their family
January 2013

Personal tech

Records are not for patient care or communication, they are the goods doctors give to the payors in exchange for money. ... My main communication tool, Twistle, allows me to communicate quickly and securely with my patients.
May 2022

Patients band together to research conditions, themselves

Web site acknowledges), the placebo effect and patient bias could impact the quality of the data. ... Other concerns about the site include the influence of pharmaceutical companies and patient privacy.
October 2008

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