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Invincible food, vulnerable father and son

It is clearly more than a full day's supply of food for many in the target audience. ... Even one of the founding fathers of our Paleo diet understanding asserts, and forcefully, that nearly8 billion Homo sapiens simply cannot be substantially
April 2020

Nutrition and the art of disparaging science

Nutrition science showed, for instance, that diets high in saturated fat from meat and dairy produced less good health outcomes in general than diets based principally on plant foods, and thus, ... In my view, we have no meaningful uncertainty about the
April 2020


Or an access thing like living in a food desert or not having transportation? ... You know? It was. It sho’ was. And Mother? Whew-weee, she loved food.” Ms.
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--10 saltiest foods are hard on the heart

Nearly 44% of salt came from the top 10 foods:. --bread and rolls (7.4%),. ... For pizza and poultry, respectively, 51% and 27% of sodium came from fast food restaurants.
April 2020

Stakes in selecting the proper diets for ourselves are extremely high

I am quite confident about the fundamental truths of diet for good health. ... It all leaves you with a choice now, and whenever you hear the latest “news” about nutrition.
April 2020

The hCG diet is a fraud literally without substance

Despite many negative studies in the 70s, hCG has made a spectacular return as a diet fad. ... it. Using it, in conjunction with a 500 kcal diet, should be no different than using, say, a spray of water.
April 2020

Food allergies are a tough nut to crack

As research accumulates, more components of the food allergy puzzle will be unlocked, Dr. ... Food allergy, in my specialty of allergy, has been a little bit neglected.
May 2011

The blood type diet remains on the fiction bookshelf

You could pick one of the 4 diets randomly and do pretty well. ... I’ll spare you the details of the study, but it showed that people who followed most of the diets lost weight independently of whether they were following the diet suggested
April 2020

The Mediterranean diet: Where are we now?

Yes, folks, after the data correction, the Mediterranean diet is still good for us. ... You would have to wrestle with other details, such as how to match the diets for foods other than meat, but let's ignore those subtleties.
April 2020

Hints for preventive care in inflammatory bowel disease | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

That mnemonic, which stands for Immunizations, Bones, Dysplasia and Depression, Hepatobiliary, Infections, Nutrition, Tobacco, and Skin cancer, can help clinicians remember what to look for when they see a patient with
April 2019

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