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Integrate mental health into medical practice

Partnerships between internists and mental health professionals are rare but proving their worth. ... The medical and mental health clinicians then join forces to accomplish goals of care.
April 2011

QD: News Every Day--States announce tough times for Medicaid, mental health services

QD: News Every Day--States announce tough times for Medicaid, mental health services. ... Particularly at risk in New York are mental health services. (ACP Internist, Wall Street Journal).
November 2019

Prevent, recognize impairment

In addition, substance use disorders are strongly associated with mental health conditions, which are often stigmatized. ... Barrett said physicians with substance use disorders or mental health diagnoses often continue to provide excellent care.
September 2019

Social hospitals

One other line of reasoning asks about HOW we apportion hospital beds, suggesting that maybe we've de-commissioned too many psychiatric beds for treating people with severe mental illness. ... Given the horrible shooting sprees in the news recently,
November 2019

The limits of empathy

Motivational interviewing makes sense and is evidence-based for mental health issues, but is it really necessary for treating a cough?
November 2019

Depression linked to cardiac death

They used self-reported symptoms of depression and antidepressant use, and then examined those with the most severe symptoms on a mental health index or those regularly using antidepressants. ... Low mental health index scores were associated with an
November 2019

Is JAMA psychic?

In all seriousness, this mental health parity legislation-- which was attached to a big bailout bill you may have heard about-- was a long time coming. ... It just says that if they already offer mental health coverage, it has to be equal to that of
November 2019

Forgive me

But it seems to me that mental health professionals can only clarify the patient's goals and feelings, clarify if the ethical damage can be undone, and work through the feelings.
November 2019

The miracle workers

And when things like drug addiction and untreated mental health issues and time stand as looming barriers, many times it's a downright miracle when those pieces get put together. ... Now playing on my mental iPod, for you and all of your peoples, Mrs.
November 2019

Can post-election anxiety be a clinical diagnosis?

She can help you directly or refer you to other community mental health resources that can be helpful. ... Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5):.
November 2019

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